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Demis Roussos, "Undisclosed Illness was Killed Him"

A singer from Greece, Demis Roussos, who had a No 1 UK single with Forever and Ever in 1976, sold over 60 million albums in the world, die on his  68 years at Hygeia Hospital, Athens. His death is caused of Undisclosed Illness. Demis Roussos is famous through his solo songs in the 1970s and 1980s, including Forever and Ever, Goodbye and Quand je t'aime. before his death, He had been receiving treatment for some time, but not too much who know the illness with him

Demis Roussos started in the late 60s in Aphrodite's Child, he is a pioneering Greek trio seen as one of the originators of progressive rock. As part of Aphrodite’s Child, Roussos had planned to base himself in London but work permit problems meant the group ended up in Paris, and it was France where they became most successful.

in 1985 Demis Roussos was caught up in a plane hijacking when flight TWA 847 from Athens to Rome, was hijacked by members of Hezbollah and Islamic Jihad. He and his third wife were held at gunpoint for five days before they were released.
The experience changed his life and afterwards he decided the best way he could help others and promote understanding in the world was by returning to music.

“Even if I die tomorrow, Demis Roussos left a card, a trademark, something that cannot be forgotten.” Nobody can deny that Demis Roussos left a mark into the world music