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How to Keep the Food for Teeth Healthy

Reviews such as food and drink and other sticky sweets, coffee, cigarettes, red wine and food has left a mark on the teeth, "the rule of thumb is anything that can stain a white t-shirt can stain your teeth, too," said Marc Liechtung, DMD, principal at New York-based Manhattan Dental Arts, a practice that specializes in cosmetic and restorative dentistry.

According to Matthew Messina, DDS, Cleveland, Ohio-based dentist and consumer adviser for the American Dental Association, problems can Arise when the sweet, sticky foods and flours (meaning they are attached to a long tooth), or hard (because of Reviews their chewing teeth can cause cracks or broke).

While you certainly do not have to give up your morning cup of coffee or evening glass of red wine, if your tooth discoloring, you Might Want To Consider taking less and actually rinsing your mouth with water after you've finished eating or drinking, According to Dr. Liechtung

Here's a list of foods that can damage teeth:

1. Black coffee and black tea - the darker the drink, the more staining may occur. So try adding a little extra milk to Lighten the color and reduce the effects of staining.

2. The wine-red and white wine, if taken in excess, will stain your teeth. Although red, white wine stains acid composition actually etches a small groove on your teeth, making them more porous and more Easily stained.

3. Cola and sports drinks - Because they were so pH, they help promote staining with other foods.

4. Berries-blueberries, raspberries, cranberries, cherries and other fruit, Although it is very good for your overall health, it can stain your teeth. So, if you're crazy for Berry, be sure to rinse your mouth thoroughly with water after every indulgence.

5. Sauce - soy sauce and tomato sauce, as well as other highly-colored sauce, the which is Believed to have potential for staining.

6. Juice - grapes, pomegranates and cranberries are very pigmented and can cause stains. So, if you have to Imbibe, try rinsing your mouth with water or drinking juice through a straw, so past the front of your teeth.

7. Pickles and ketchup - a food acid is good for opening your pores the enamel of teeth that allow for easy coloring.

8. Balsamic Vinegar - while great on salads, it can cause damage to your teeth. If you must, try it on the lettuce, the which has the natural ability to provide a protective films against your teeth.

9. Candy-candy Contain a dye stain teeth. If discolored tongue is funny, there's a good chance that your teeth would be too.

10. Bits - now here is a vegetable that could put a stain on a t-shirt, so, like all foods that stain, moderation is called for with this one.

11. Kari - Although great about food flavoring, food Indian yellow-stain can be hard on the teeth. So be sure to rinse after Involved.

12. Popsicle-have you ever seen your tongue after you're done pop, sweet fruit? Not only is it the color of your tongue, but Also your teeth. Plus, it has a negative effect on the double whammy because of all the sugar added to it.

But, did you know that mother nature has some natural remedies for bleaching Your pearly whites? The following is a list of Dr. Liechtung tooth whitening: food

12 Teeth Whitening food

1. Apple, pear and guava production increase of salivary glands that stain away from time to time.
2. Cauliflower and cucumbers Also help to improve the production of salivary glands, the natural way to flush to get rid of the stain.

3. The cheese is rich in protein, calcium and phosphorus, the which can help protect against acid in your mouth.

4. Sesame helps scrub away plaque. (Read more reasons to love the sesame seeds.)

5. Salmon Provides calcium and vitamin D, Necessary Nutrients for healthy bones and teeth.

6. Helps shiitake mushrooms inhibit bacteria from growing in your mouth.

7. Onion helps reduce the bacteria that cause tooth decay.

8. Pineapple chips act as a natural stain.

9. Green vegetables Reviews such as broccoli, lettuce and spinach contains iron roomates helps acid-resistant films or barrier that can help scrub stubborn stains go away and protect the enamel on your teeth.

10. Ginger acts as an anti-inflammatory to support healthy mouth tissue.

11. Carrots Contain vitamins A, Necessary for healthy teeth enamel.

12. Basil is a natural antibiotic that Reduces bacteria in the mouth.

Carrie Underwood's Little was Born

Country singer Carrie Underwood gave birth to the first child of her husband, Mike Fisher. Carrie, who is also the winner of American Idol photos upload hands his son on Twitter.

Her first son was named Isaiah Michael Fisher.

"God has given us an incredible gift. He was born on last Friday, "said Carrie.

Carrie Underwood married with Fisher, a hockey athlete from Canada in 2010. Today, Fisher defended the Club Nashville predators. Carrie Underwood's name began to be known as a champion of American Idol in 2005.

After becoming the champion of American Idol, Carrie's career in the music industry is getting a good deal. She has won seven Grammy Awards, Billboard Music Awards, 16, also 11 Academy of Country Music Awards and 8 American Music Awards.

The decade 2000, Carrie is the only country singer who could put the song at number one on the Billboard Hot 100, that is Inside Your Heaven. She also became a country singer with the most number of song in one position on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

The 31 year old singer uploaded a photo of little fingers little one. Babies born 27 February it was given the name Isaiah Michael Fisher.

"Small hands and feet are small," he wrote as the caption. "God has blessed us with an amazing gift. Isaiah Michael Fisher, born 27 February. Welcome to the world, little angel! "


IHOP Free Pancake Day

 One Guest One Free.

IHOP National Pancake Day celebrates 10th years on Tuesday, March 3.

IHOP offers a free short stack of buttermilk pancakes to guests, asking only for voluntary contributions in return.

Donations given to local children's hospital donation, Shriners Hospital for children, The Leukemia and Lymphoma society or other local charities.

IHOP said the campaign has raised a whopping $ 16 million to date.

With your free breakfast, IHOP will ask you to consider making a donation to children's miracle network of hospitals or other local charities Special room. For the 2015 edition of National Pancake giveaway day, IHOP hopes to raise $ 3.5 million for charity. Pancake franchise has raised nearly $ 16 million in charitable donations associated with pancake day since 2006, when he started marketing action.


History Today, "the Longest President of FIFA in History"

March 1, 1921 or 94 years ago, a French lawyer, Jules Rimet, was elected the third president of FIFA.


Rimet The Frenchman is a person who was involved in the founding of FIFA, and the most memorable was his proposal to create a tournament between nations. Furthermore, the tournament evolved into the most prestigious football event in the world. The name of the tournament is the World Cup.

Rimet proposed the idea to organize the World Cup when he served as president of FIFA. The proposal he submitted in 1928, and carried out two years later as the first World Cup, World Cup 1930, held in Uruguay. For his services, the World Cup trophy named the Jules Rimet Cup as a tribute to him.

Before the World Cup proposal is accepted, Rimet along with some colleagues took the initiative to establish an organization that houses the football around the world. FIFA was born in 1904. compatriot, Robert Guerin, first elected as FIFA president for two years before being replaced by Daniel Woolfal.

Rimet served as president of the French Football Federation (FFF) since 1919 before elected as FIFA president next two years replace Woolfal. Two office he led for 20 years until he retired as president of the FFF in 1942 but continued his post in FIFA until 1954.

Being President of FIFA for 33 years makes Rimet as the longest president of FIFA in history. Joao Havelange (1974-1998) is below the time in power for 24 years. Over a period of more than three decades, Rimet also adds the FIFA members of which had only 12 people to 85 people at the end of his term.

In 1956, or two years after releasing his post as president of FIFA, Rimet died that happened just two days after his birthday-83.

FIFA, worldcup, football

"Captain Spock" Has Ended Forever

Leonard Nimoy, actor as Mr. Spock in the Star Trek television series, died aged 83 years. Nimoy last breath on Friday, Feb. 27. Based on the description of his son Adam Nimoy, died of chronic end-stage lung disease. a few days before he died, he was rushed to hospital after he felt pain in the chest.

One year before his death, Nimoy had revealed his illness to the public. At the time of his youth, Nimoy is a nicotine addict, though he finally quit smoking 30 years ago.
Leonard Nimoy has traces of a long career in the world of Hollywood movies. In the movie "Star Trek", he is best known as Mr. Spock, first officer a half-Vulcan-human spacecraft.

Nimoy also loved photography, music, and literature. In 1975, he never wrote a memoir titled "I'm Not Spock." Two decades later, he returned to write a memoir titled "I ' m Spock".

Prior to acting as aliens in Star Trek, Nimoy played the alien in the movie as a serial Zombies of the Stratosphere in which he starred as Narab. Then, in 1965, after he performed military duties and working as a truck driver and waiter, Nimoy appeared for the first time in the Star Trek universe as Mr. Spock until 1969.

In an interview with the Pharrell, Nimoy said his role as Mr. Spock gave him a mixed feeling. In addition he could grab a regular job (formerly Nimoy is a part-time artist), Nimoy also had to act as the character Spock, who is half-human and half alien character who has emotions locked up.

Below the last twitter written by Nimoy

Mr. Nimoy, who taught method acting at his own studio when he was cast in the television series "Star Trek" in the mid-1960s, love to play outside, and he developed what he later admitted was a mystical identification with Spock, aliens alone in the starship's bridge.

President Obama, who is a fan of Mr. Spock, delivered his condolences through the statements in the White House. Obama ever met with Nimoy in 2007, where he was welcomed with Nimoy the Vulcan gesture. "I love Spock," said Obama.