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George Clooney is to relieve Berlusconi

to celebrities such as George Clooney and his girlfriend make it clear that he was discreet dinner parties held sex orgies: When it comes to Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi sits, sometimes a very illustrious group in a courtroom. Clooney is baffled by the question fairly.
U.S. actor George Clooney along with girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis, football star Cristiano Ronaldo and many Italian Minister: I like the guest list reads one of his parties are the witnesses who want to see called the Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi in his next process. If the answer for the 74-year-old billionaire again on Wednesday next week in Milan to court, it's about abuse of power and sex with the minor at the time, "Ruby".
On wild "Bunga-Bunga" parties in Berlusconi's villa in Arcore near Milan to the Moroccan - as 32 other young women - for money, jewelry and cars have become intimate with the Cavaliers. Prosecutors result mainly of wiretaps and testimony of the girls into the field. The now 18-year-old "Ruby" is therefore of particular importance.
Surprised Celebrities
Berlusconi's lawyers to share here also. With the support of prominent witnesses they want to "Ruby's" rock credibility, as Italian media reported. "We want to see if Ruby's statements confirm the witness or not," prosecutor Piero Longo stated. So will the girls have seen the celebrity couple Clooney and canal at one of Berlusconi's party. With Cristiano Ronaldo, they have spent a hot night, was "Ruby", according to media reports on record. He had offered her money that she had refused.
The initial reactions of those affected seem to give the plan the defense right. "This is strange," cited the "Corriere della Sera said on Wednesday a" stunned "George Clooney in London. "I have seen only once Berlusconi to tackle him for help for Darfur," said the 49-year-old. Clooney's girlfriend, the Italian showgirl Elisabetta Canalis had, also communicate through her lawyer, she and Clooney had "never," Berlusconi's dinner parties or other of the prime minister visited.

Sex parties or fancy dinners?
In addition to Hollywood heartthrob listed the defending Berlusconi, the Prime Minister, Maria Stella Gelmini and Mara Carfagna and the Foreign Ministry chief Franco Frattini on as witnesses. You are in evening entertainment in Berlusconi's villa have participated and are likely to serve the lawyers to confirm Berlusconi's version of the fixed-sequence. According to his protestations, there was in the desolate place villa parties just fine dinner with some entertainment such as cinema and karaoke afterwards - but not sexual pleasure with dozens of paid women.

The truth will now find three judges, facing the playboy and head of government as of Wednesday next week. Whether the more than 70 witnesses will help the media mogul to pull his head out of the loop remains to be seen.