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Libya conference intends to continue military action

London. ".. Let's decide on Libya" With these words of Muammar Al Gaddafi yesterday urged the international community to stop the offensive against his country, which he compared to Hitler's military campaigns in Europe. But the Western coalition wants the attacks on positions of the Libyan army continue to Gaddafi's compliance with the UN resolution to protect the civilian population. Then, representatives from 40 states and organizations agreed yesterday to an international conference in London. 

Ten days after the start of bombing in North Africa and two days before the handover of the military command of NATO yesterday presented the foreign ministers of the alliance with UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon and representatives of Arab States, the first stage for possible future democratic reforms in Libya a ceasefire, which seeks to impose the alliance.

Part of the coalition forces to a more determined action. In a CNN interview concluded Susan Rice, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations yesterday, the possibility not to arm the Libyan rebels. The U.S., Britain and France plan to introduce the Gaddafi International Criminal Court. Contrast, Italy and Spain propose to allow the Libyan ruler political exile.

The bombings in Libya have already led to a split in the UN Security Council. So Russia calls on the United States and United Kingdom account for civilian casualties. But the conference participants agreed that the intervention of the Allies was a "humanitarian catastrophe" prevented. Now it is the task of NATO, "Gaddafi to make it clear that he must go," U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said in London.