Conservatives win election Finland - to put right-wing populists

The right-wing populists are the big winners of the parliamentary election in Finland.

The True Finns party was on Sunday its profit over 2007 to 19.0 percent, almost five-fold. Stronger after counting all votes were only the conservative National Party, the current Finance Minister Jyrki Katainen with 20.4 percent and the Social Democrats with 19.1 percent. This increases the risk that the EU rescue package for Portugal is blocked. In Finland decides otherwise than in other euro countries, the approval of Parliament on a billion-dollar aid. The True Finns led by Timo Soini had announced not to vote for the current package. Soini said: "It's a bad deal." It had to be renegotiated again.

In the 5.4 million inhabitants, Finland has a tradition of coalition governments with multiple parties. It is likely that members of the True Finns the government. In May, the government will be announced Soini. But the negotiations were not easy. Not only Soini felt to be a big winner. The 39-year-old Katainen of the National Party highlighted the historic result for his party. It was the first time that they were the largest party in parliament, said the Minister.

The big losers of the parliamentary elections was the centrist party of Prime Minister Mari Kiviniemi. You would probably spend the next term in the opposition, said Kiviniemi. Their party fell from 23.1 percent in the last election back to 15.8 percent now. "The Portugal-talk played a role in the election campaign and it seems as if she had had an impact on the election result," the party leader.