Ex-dictator Mubarak in custody

The Egyptian public prosecutor has arrested the ousted president. Mubarak initially expected 15 days detention - despite his heart problems. His two sons were imprisoned.
The ousted two months ago, Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak in Sharm el Sheikh is in the hospital. Officially, the man who had ruled Egypt for 30 years, now a prisoner awaiting trial. Because of his poor health, the 82-year-old but not for the time being in jail. The prosecution heard him at the bedside. The detention is initially limited to 15 days.
His two sons, Gamal and Alaa were detained. Against all three family members under investigation for corruption and abuse of power. The deposed president and his family hold since the coup in a residence in the resort of Sharm el Sheikh on the Red Sea. The authorities had forbidden him to leave Egypt and froze its assets.
According to information from the environment of ousted President Mubarak was first heard on Tuesday in Al-Tur on the Sinai Peninsula. Because he complained of chest pain, he was then brought by ambulance to a clinic in Sharm el Sheikh. There he lay in intensive care since then. The hearing was continued, according to Justice Minister Mohammed el Guindi in the hospital.
Front of the hospital gathered dozens of people who demanded the death penalty for Mubarak. Other protesters demanded that Mubarak should leave Sharm el Sheikh, as the large police presence because of him shame on tourism. Protests were also because many patients had to leave after the arrival of ex-president for security reasons the clinic.
Mubarak's sons, Gamal and Alaa Mubarak were brought by prosecutors in the courthouse in Cairo from Sharm el Sheikh. Quickly gathered a crowd of people there and demanded the arrest of the two. When the two were driven away Mubarak's sons in a police car with the curtains drawn, the crowd pelted the car with water bottles, stones and shoes, which is in the Arab world is a sign of great contempt.
Against most leading members of the regime of Mubarak is now under investigation for corruption and abuse of power. A central role in all this seems to be a Gamal Mubarak, who was traded before the coup as a possible successor to his father. The prosecution alleges that the two sons, they enriched themselves illegally and pay the thugs who were killed in the Tahrir Square during the mass protests in January and February demonstrators.
The former president denies corruption allegations against him. He had not enriched and moved no assets abroad, Mubarak had said on Sunday. The ruling military council was set up in the last week a special investigation committee to investigate the assets. It is believed that Mubarak has hoarded billions of dollars abroad.