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‘Friday Night Lights,’ Returns for Revisit

Tonight, NBC will start its the last season of "Friday Night Lights." The drama - about more than football - began broadcasting its fifth season on DIRECTV channel 101 years last end.
For your convenience we have assembled some of our "Friday Night Lights" stories below to prepare yourself for the new season of the Dillon Panthers of the East.

First, a glance at AOL lead TV critic Maureen Ryan to take the magic of "FNL," Texas Forever: Learn 12 things television can "Friday Night Lights." Why, exactly, the show was so good? Well, there is the realistic representation of a healthy marriage, the fact that he tells stories of young people who are not stupid, the actors change, but still extremely talented ... we should go?

But as Ryan said, in the heart: "Friday Night Lights" returns for its final season in season 5 on DirecTV in October, "five years is one year longer than the time it takes to finish their studies secondary (or exactly the time to get up for school, when we talk about the year of Landry and the thing that we have not more) to select forgotten. In that time, it almost feels as if America is to "catch" Friday Night Lights. "It's not as if life was carefree and easy four years ago, but made room for expansion and downturn in financial difficulties and reduced expectations are the norm. "

After tonight's show aired, summarizing a look at Allison Waldman expectations ", season 5 of" Friday Night Lights season "5, Episode 1 Recap (Season Premiere)

Welcome to the best game on television, also known as "Friday Night Lights." It is the final season of Tami and Coach Eric Taylor, and many of our regulars have disappeared in recent years, closed, moved to Chicago or in prison. We have new characters, a school and a new semi-final handful of happy ending.

I deliberately did not read or see one of the flashbacks from the time when this season aired on cable. Please, no spoilers for those of us confined to the television network!

Although in the first night of our visit to Dillon this season is all about goodbyes. Buh-bye Julie Taylor! Buh-bye Clark Landry!

They are all in college. be conducted this week in the Lions East Dillon talented football classic, are the parents of Julie are all saddened by his university, even if they seem to really pay too much attention to them because they are both occupied with football and with difficulty are high school students. Tim Riggins is still in prison, with the decline of the family of his brother. They have a family to the prison cat, and Tim is bitter, bitter.

Tami Taylor is the new advisors in East Dillon and now is now friends and all the friction in the wrong direction. Mary wants to call all parents and children at risk, including a young girl named Epyck difficult. She wants the problems, "she said. Bring It! Bring it on!

Billy Riggins wants to coach football coach as Coach Taylor is a man of great man. The absorption of the works, and Billy in the special teams. Landry, whose surprise coup led the Lions to victory in the last year, is it still a dork in a band, but to rely on rice. Lukas Cafferty (who Becky was pregnant and had a little drug problem last time) is back on the field. Becky is the mother out of town and do not handle her and her stepmother. Especially because she hates her stepmother. Becky moved to Tim's old room with his brother Billy, his wife, Mindy, and her new baby.

QB Vince Howard is still with Jess, but Jess's father is out of town and she takes care of his brothers. The baby sitter is not good, especially because her teenage brother is like a complete cliche concerns among adolescents. Vince tries to intervene and make him feel better.

Buddy Garrity is still in the game and help recruit a new coach Taylor Lions - Hastings Rückle who really want to just play basketball.

Hastings dad really do not think he can play football, but a song on the bus attracted to the boy sitting outside the Alamo sits gel and Jackie. wait, sorry, I fell into a Cougar Mellencamp John is at present. Sitting at the Alamo Freeze, Landry is sad and waiting for an epic moment. So Julie takes her to a strip bar. Stripping that Epic. What do people think that the FNL as college parties, not to my knowledge, never.

Football time! The Lions are in trouble, but they put on grace miracle for Howard and Vince Cafferty, players from other teams in the Slam. He ended up hurting pretty bad players. Ruckle steps on the field and help to win. Everybody Dance Dance!

Julie is leaving the college after an hour long and bid buh-bye. It has never been so many long term has never seen.

She left and Taylor are still there and watch the grass grow.

This season: Julie sleeps with a married man, father of Vincent comes home. Tim made his brother feel bad. And football, a lot of football. Back to the play-by-play come next week!