"Happy Endings" on the review: Is this the end for you?

Casey Wilson is to be used those words, because it offers the same advanced:
Their new show, ABC's "Happy Endings" has similarities with "Friends".
"Yes, there are three boys and three girls, some are married, some are simple," she said.
She is aware of - like us - there is a model that has worked very hard from networks of this year, and not always with good results, "the art
(See:. NBC's "Perfect Pairs", which was canceled, FOX "Traffic Light", which any day now)
But Wilson, a writer himself (she co-wrote "Bride Wars") is irritating to know that if many "friends" are not partisan, because the writers, producers and network execs to make the same mistakes again and again. 
Do you hear thousands of sitcom pilots shot down about twenty now?

After a few episodes of the last hanging-out buddies Endings Happy-com, I need ... do not say bad. The premise is that Alex Endings (24 Elisha Cuthbert) left Dave (Zachary Knighton FastForward) on the altar of the first creation of the episodes, which aired Wednesday night.

It is now their common friends - desperately Penny Singleton (Saturday Night Live Casey Wilson), a married couple Brad (Damon Wayans Jr.) and Jane (Scrubs "Eliza Coupe) and Max (Adam Pally) - all trying to support Alex and Dave with the same condition. The original concept seems to be that the group will find this awkward, but by the second episode, Alex and Dave and others the subject is barely. The punch was fast and furious (credit-directors Joe and Anthony Russian as a community, and It's Always Sunny John Fortenberry for the tempo), and widely covered in the references shortcut: Dave is not only a great number of, for example, must spend much time talking and drinking "John Mayer-a-lot." not only on sex. (See Cougar Town for the new model of alcohol fueled brutality that manages to intoxicate plain cheeky.)

Like a sitcom plan should show very influential. Since his success from 1994 to 2004, he replaced the comedy in the workplace such as format, size, feel a younger audience is welcome. Friends-Hanging Out-kind - the PAL-com? - Then the section deliciously gross (It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia) on (anyone remember Fox canceled the 2006 Happy Hour, after four episodes?) Terribly forgettable. Recent examples of PAL-com traffic lights are mortal underestimated the NBC sitcom most (and alas, I suppose, is now canceled), perfect couple, and said: Cougar Town, we offer to all the back-and-comers.

Keywords Endings trying to push too hard in pop culture. A man is "chick stuck in the sand", boasts of Jane, a charmer with adults: "I am the mother of the heroine, Penny worked at their highest compliment - trunk shows -" a-mah- zing! ".

However, there was a mad energy to the first (and second best episode) that I found flattering. And the show tries to present something a little different in the way Max as a gay man to be exaggerated sitcom, reality TV style gay.