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Libya: Gaddafi unthinkable future

The U.S., France and Britain agree: A future with the current rulers of Libya Muammar al Gaddafi is not feasible. This would be a "shameless betrayal" of the rest of the world, the leadership of the three states in a newspaper report.
a planning of the future of Libya's Muammar el with the current rulers Gaddafi unthinkable, according to the political leaders in Washington, Paris and London. This would be a "shameless betrayal" of the rest of the world, wrote U.S. President Barack Obama, his French counterpart Nicolas Sarkozy and British Prime Minister David Cameron on Friday in a joint article for four major international newspapers. Finally, Gaddafi would try to "massacred" his own people. They would "not give up until the UN resolutions are implemented," Obama reiterated that Sarkozy and Cameron. 
Under Resolution 1973 the UN Security Council had cleared the way for a mid-March, the international military mission in the Libyan airspace. It is intended to protect the civilian population.

In the "Figaro", The Times, the International Herald Tribune "and the English-language" Al-Hayat published article had originally Sarkozy and Cameron, at their meeting in Paris set up on Wednesday. Obama, who had received a copy, asked about placing his name among them to be allowed.