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Mourinho threatens long lock

For the star coach of Real Madrid, José Mourinho, the culprit was quickly found after the 0-2 against the arch-enemy Barcelona in the first leg of the semifinal of the Champions League. The German referee Wolfgang Stark had with Mourinho brought his decisions not only on a rampage, but it also banished to the stands. The "Special One", as Mourinho liked to call himself, excluded and humiliated, that went too far for the Portuguese. Still to be available after the home defeat Real fallen apart. 
So Mourinho raged even after the game. One can assume that the game still will have a sequel. Not only the European Football Associations (UEFA), and Barcelona will review the statements of Mourinho. Sanctions against the eccentric coach of the Star "Royal" are likely. Quite possible that Mourinho, despite the ban that excluded coach from the stands can not coach, was still cheerfully instructions to his assistants, even for the return match in Barcelona receives stadium ban. The legal department of the UEFA will investigate the comments and then decide whether the disciplinary commission had to be turned on.

Mourinho was heavily criticized referee too violent. He also assumed, according to Barca website that Barcelona may have been encouraged by UEFA because of his sponsor, UNICEF. "If I said everything I think and feel that my career would end today," blustered the Portuguese.

Immediately after the game was hectic, in the strong-Pepe (61) and Barca goalkeeper Jose Pinto (45) and excluded Mourinho banished to the stands, said the UEFA delegate at the two coaches, first, to give interviews. The mood was heated. Mourinho but could not calm at all.

"Why did Stark acted as he did," said Mourinho, who had considered the exclusion of Pepe with applause, again and again. This cynical gesture would not let go strong. Mourinho sensed least once a conspiracy against his person. "From whence come all this help," asked himself the "Special One" after the "scandal of the Bernabeu."

UEFA will await the official report of the German referee and the delegates before a possible disciplinary proceedings could be opened on Thursday said a UEFA spokesman. Against Mourinho says that he is considered a repeat offender that stood with him outburst of the day. As Chelsea coach Mourinho had to watch after controversial statements about a referee performance in 2005 for two quarter-final games outside the stadium.
Harsh criticism
Stark's decisions in the "El Clasico" were all represented. The Madrid press saw it differently, however. "Real was ruined first by the referee and then liquidated by a brilliant Messi," wrote El Mundo. The newspaper "Marca" criticized "because of excessive red card had to play real for the fourth time with ten men against Barça."