ASAP YAMS, died because of codeine?

One of the co-founders of the Hip-Hop music group, ASAP Yams  also known by his real name Steven Rodriguez has passed away at 26 year old's, but so far, there are no such details what the cause or time of his death. This case is still developing

according a report, ASAP YAMS was a heavy user of codeine and xanax, He did, however, spend a brief stint in rehab last summer in an effort to curb his drug addiction.“That lean shit corny now i apologize for even glorifying that bullshit its embarrassing it destroyed too many lives,” he wrote on Twitter in July. “Its disrespectful to the families who lost loved ones to that demon for us to be flaunting that addiction rip pimp c.”

the last Yam's tweet from yesterday morning was about codeine: