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Ben Woolf Dies of a Head Injury

Hollywood mourns again. A shaved-headed actor whose name is so well known after starring the American Horror Story movie, Ben Woolf, dies Monday yesterday.

Woolf's death is known, after his personal assistant confirmed to the media about the obituaries that befell his clients.

Ben Woolf died on Monday afternoon at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.

Woolf died at the age of 34 years, due to a car accident that caused him to be rushed to the hospital. However, Woolf could not be preserved due to the bruises all over his body so badly and spent a lot of blood.

"Ben is the only and will never be forgotten. Every time that we pass together will be remembered forever, "says Ben's brother, Rep. Woolf.

Ben Woolf has starred in the indie horror film series before joining the cast of the FX TV show Ryan Murphy in 2011. Few movies ever starring Ben Woolf, among others, Murder House, Dead Kansas and Haunting Charles Manson.
Over the weekend, doctors upgraded his condition to stable -- but warned it was still touch and go since he had not woken up.

We're told Ben's organs are being donated and will help about 50 people. 
Family members tell, they're planning a memorial service in Santa Barbara.