CIA agents to spy the rebels

The U.S. Central Intelligence Agency secretly operated on for weeks already in Libya. According to U.S. media are the agents looking for targets for air attacks, to find out information about Gaddafi's troops and ammunition - and explore the insurgents.

Washington - The United States support the rebels in Libya not only by air attacks on the units of Muammar al-Gaddafi, but, that is through the use of agents. These were employees of the U. S. Foreign Intelligence CIA sent to Libya, several U.S. media and news agencies reported with reference to government officials.
After the CIA representative had to close in the capital Tripoli after the riots, had the Secret Service sent this month again people in the North African country, said a former U.S. intelligence officials.

The agents had helped, for example in saving the pilot of the rebel territory were smashed on Libya U.S. fighter jets. Moreover, intelligence officials sought to contact the rebels, said the informant.

The exact duties of the spies are not clear. According to insiders, the cited the scout troop agents try possible targets for air strikes and to make contacts with the rebels. Specifically, it could Provide information about locations of Qaddafi to find ammunition depots and troop positions.

So far, neither expressed nor CIA Defense on Special-use of agents in North Africa. "It is common practice for government this and all other U.S., to comment on intelligence matters not," said President spokesman Jay Carney.

Manpower on the ground "helpful"

The use of agents can thus be viewed as a statement contrary to Obama, there would be no U.S. ground troops in Libya. The agents were part of a "shadow power" Western Actors of the Obama administration's hope that it could hurt Gaddafi's military, writes the New York Times. "A military representative said on Thursday that the United States harbored no plans to deploy ground troops in Libya.

Some military officials consider the use of soldiers or agents on the ground, however, necessary. U. S. General David A. Deptula was a concern, in desert areas, the movement of Gadhafi troops were Relatively easy to reproduce with reconnaissance aircraft - in the urban area have not. Gain on the ground was "helpful" if it were a question of detecting the positions of Gadhafi troops to avoid unnecessary civilian casualties.

The rebel network - the great unknown

An intensive exchange with the rebels for the Obama of immense importance. Of the insurgents who are fighting against Gaddafi's troops, is now little more known than they want to bring the dictator to case. NATO's top commander, Admiral James Stavridis had seen signs that may be somewhat isolated among the rebels and al-Qaida fighters. The agents could then be used mainly for finding out details of management structures and reliability of the rebels.

But the rebels are reliable partners for a possible new government after Gaddafi? "These guys have no idea how to run a war," quoted the "Washington Post" a U.S. government insider. The agents were operating in part unorganized and rushed devoid of tactics in the battle. Still discussing the U. S. government, Gaddafi's enemies with weapons and money supply - before the project is implemented, Obama must know, however, with whom he has to do it.

Gene. was Carter Ham, the resident of the Africa Command in Stuttgart Africom head of the Libyan mission to the United States had expressed its concern given how little we actually know about the country in civil. "We have not a very good data," Ham said in an e-mail with the U.S. government. "Libya is not among the countries that were in the past few years the focus of our attention."

Agents sent by express decree

Obama expanded the role of American intelligence of the New York Times, according to several weeks ago made by direct disposal. The agents were deployed by presidential order, Which provides the legal framework for covert operations abroad.

The so-called paramilitary special unit of the CIA is currently used mainly in Afghanistan and Iraq, their individual strength is estimated at several hundred. Depending on the mission, so-called "Special Operations Groups" together. The team size will normally be 4:00 to 12:00 operators, but can sometimes Consists of only one agent (see Wikipedia).

According to government officials in London then worked "dozens" agents of British intelligence MI6 and members of special forces in Libya. Therefore this supplied the British armed forces with information about targets for air strikes, positions and movements of Qaddafi's military.

China calls for ceasefire
The international air attacks on targets in Libya since last week are completely under the command of NATO. At 8 clock GMT, the military alliance had the sole command over the air strikes, said NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen in Brussels.

Chinese President Hu Jintao condemned the air raids on Libya. At a meeting with French President Nicolas Sarkozy in Beijing, he said, "if the military operation to bring misery to innocent people and causing at even greater humanitarian crisis is in contrast to the original objective of UN resolution".

The Chinese president called for an immediate ceasefire and expressed concern about a possible division of Libya. The use of force could complicate a possible negotiated solution, "said Hu.