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Cyber ​​crime: Beware of April Fools Blogs

Internet users should be on Friday 1 April, when reading their emails to be particularly vigilant - and those not open to an unknown sender in doubt. Internet criminals would often use such special days, warn security experts.

Internet users should also click on attachments such as images and videos are not supposed to April jokes in emails from strangers. Because in this way online criminals trying to smuggle malicious code onto computers, warns the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) in Bonn. "Cybercriminals often use special events or days for their attacks. The 1 April is one of them, "said a spokesman for BSI.
It was to be expected that the rise of April Fool's joke disguised as spam and emails with dangerous attachments increases beginning of the month. "It is also important that the virus scanner is up to date, " said BSI spokesman. Especially with file attachments and links from unknown senders must be handled carefully. Meanwhile, social networks like Facebook or Twitter of attacks are affected: there appeared more often on news with links to infected websites.