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"All My Children' and 'One Life to Live' Canceled. Why?

ABC was making his long-running soap "All My Children" and "One Life to Live."
"All My Children" has been on air 1970 ... and "One Life to Live" began in 1968.

Depending on the network, the last episode of "All My Children" in September this year, will be released. "One Life to Live" will air in January 2012. The network "replace" the know with two new shows, "The chewing of the revolution. "

"All My Children and One Life to Live" are iconic pieces of television, have left an indelible impression on the history of our culture, "Brian frons, president of the day at Disney ABC Television Group, said in a statement ". Every show has touched millions and millions of viewers and informed social conscience. It is a privilege, with the outstanding team that the inhabitants of Pine Valley and Llanview to life every day at work, and we film crew, producers, and especially the fans for their commitment to the shows to acknowledge their history. "

TV Squad for the first time on "rumors of cancellation All My Children" in March. The show is the home of Susan Lucci and her classic character Erica Kane for more than 30 years.

"General Hospital" will not change by the day NBC be affected.

"We take this bold step to expand our business because the viewers look for different types of programming these days," said Fons. "While we are delighted with our new shows and the transition in our business, I can not fail to see how change is bitter."

Since its inception 41 years ago, "All My Children" provides the ground for many stars including Sarah Michelle Gellar and Amanda Seyfried was. Recent Oscar winner Melissa Leo also had a short visit to the soap. "AMC" is also the home of Susan Lucci as Erica Kane, one of the most famous faces on television. Lucci is the only original cast member still on the line.

Viewers will remember as long as Kelly Ripa Hayley before the co-host of "was Live! With Regis and Kelly."

"One Life to Live" debuted as a show of half an hour in 1968 before transforming into a full hour long soap ten years later. The show aired its 10,000 episode in 2007. "One Life to Live" has established its own alumni. Tommy Lee Jones, Dixie Carter, Judith Light, Marcia Cross and Ryan Phillippe, everything appeared on the soap.

Both shows were created by Agnes Nixon, and find in the cities of fiction inspired by the suburbs of Philadelphia.

"More than 40 years, Agnes Nixon, the world of" All My Children and One Life to Live, "worlds that the rest of us have the privilege created in life," said frons. "You show the way followed, led to the break many rules on how to defy expectations on what can not know, and questions that cover them. I am honored to work with her. "

What new shows, Fons said, "[The audience] to tell us that there is room for information, authentic and fun shows that are assigned to offer a variety of opinions and focus on" real life "A perfect to win. example of "The View" and reflected in our decision. "The Chew" and "Revolution" in the same direction and are excellent additions to the lineup, with "The View" makes a good base to start these programs. They are also a huge opportunity for creating a complementary business and growth. "

The only remaining ABC soap "General Hospital".

ABC has given a statement, "thanks to extensive research on leadership, what viewers want today and changing viewing habits of the public, ABC has developed the face of day, with television launch of two new shows. "

The replacement shows on health and nutrition.

Shevon - our resident soap opera junkie - is literally crying in the back of our office today.