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Stefano Langone and Paul McDonald on the Bottom Three Bound

"You must be...the most beautiful girl in the world," I'm singing to J.Lo from my couch.
American Idol has started renting J. Lo is a new "people" magazine cover of "most beautiful woman in the world." I must say ... Yes, it is one of the best.

Now the point. Last night, chose the candidate songs of our favorite films. Paul McDonald was there with his version of "Old Time Rock and Roll" by Bob Seger. I really liked the song choice for him. Before the show, William and Jimmy, they have a comment about Jimmy boombox. Will they called him happy. My favorite part was to kill the girl sexy saxophone. What happened to the saxophone in pop music? "I think she was in the 80s. It was fun.

Lauren is the starting point for one of my favorites now. It could be that it reminds me of how much Jordin Sparks. His song choices are always good and they really did a great job tonight. I can say they have increased and with it left and right Haley, he swings for the girls. You really need to continue like that.

Stefano sings Boyz II Men's "End Of The Road." I was not quite feeling at first, but if the arrangement in the center started, I was sold. He killed her. The end was great and her voice was fantastic. I really hope it comes out the bottom three.

Scotty McCreery can not go wrong in this show. Her voice is not the way I understand it, but when he sings, he is so real that you start to really enjoy it. He stuck to another song by George Strait - Cross My Heart "and it was perfect.

Casey Abrams sang and played bass on "Nature Boy" by Nate King Cole - one of my all time favorite jazz pieces. Finally, the great jazz musician on "American Idol"! I am a character in the box, so of course I refer to this type the most. He told Jimmy what was happening and I'm so glad he stuck to his guns. I think it will pay off in a big way. It seems really enjoy the ride by himself to stay true to form. Lower each week, please!

When this show started, I was not a big fan of Haley, but every week there twelve years not everything went wrong. His singing is always great and I see she really wants. Last night, the singing, "Call Me" by Blondie. He started sounding a little karaoke. I completely agree with Randy on this one. At the end they brought home and it was a good performance.

What about Jacob Lusk tonight? In all images of him, he saw how he did not want to be there. Was he sick? Or was it the fact that Jimmy told him what he really did not want to sing, sing, but only had Jimmy, what did he want? He ended by singing "Bridge Over Troubled Water" and it seemed interesting, as usual, but I was not exhausted. Something was missing from Jacob this week, but I can not identify them. Nevertheless, it is still an amazing singer. I feel I'm in church every Wednesday evening, when he's on stage in the morning.

Last but not least, James Durbin slayed the audience with some of Sammy Hagar. Zakk Wylde accompanied him on violin. He was the best of the show this year. METAL! This was his best performance and the fact that he stayed with Jimmy Iovine and will.i.am. Priceless. He really knows himself musically and vocally, and I think it will pay off.

Hollywood producer Rob Reiner decided by the "American Idol" set this week (the theme music from film).

After entertaining children (and us) with an operatic version of "Chariots of Fire" theme, he cut to the chase - everyone has the growing reputation have small balls to act?

Half of the participants - Casey Abrams, Jacob Lusk, Haley Reinhart and Stefano Langone - raised their hands and say: Yes, they are.

Abrams wanted to know if the next Jack Black, who is "working very well and sings very well."

Reiner said yes. "Why not Seth Rogen younger brother of bass playing, why did this happen?"

That comes from growing up in a world of Disney Channel Triple Threat race, we suppose.

But it makes it more of a shame, while Paul McDonald, have no interest in anything other than singing seems to have returned home, sent.