Obama wants to save four trillion

Washington (RP). save save save, but not at the expense of the little man: With a gross budget outlined plans for the next twelve years, Barack Obama the radical cure of Republicans opposed to their own design. As envisioned, the U.S. president is to shrink the federal deficit in 2023 to four trillion dollars.

Unlike the Conservatives do, to slash the particular social programs and cut taxes for, Obama relies on a mix of lower costs (through better organization in health care) and higher revenues in order to stop the avalanche of debt.

The status quo, stop where the U.S. financial hole by borrowing from creditors such as China more and more money could not be permanent, Obama told a handpicked audience in the elite George Washington University: "We must return to a path that we allowed to pay our debts ourselves. "

While the Republicans privatize Medicare, the government health care for the elderly, in fact want Obama rejects such a cut categorically. "They want people like me pay $ 200,000 in taxes by asking 33 pensioners, who have each $ 6,000 more in health costs. This will not happen as long as I am president." He can not see anything courageous in a concept, the victim exaction only those who could least afford it and have no lobby.

Polemical words, addressed to Paul Ryan, the Republican budget experts. The recently unveiled a blueprint to spend that Uncle Sam in the next ten years, 6.2 trillion dollars less. In parallel, Ryan wants to reduce the top tax rate (currently 35 percent).

For Obama is facing the election year 2012, a key issue. In December he had accepted to continue the tax cuts of the era of George W. Bush to end 2012. Now he faces a new course and asked to let the "tax cuts" expire.

"Poison for the economy!" Answer, the Conservatives. "Exploit human emotions such as fear and envy, that's not change," Ryan rumbles. "We do not demagoguery. We need solutions."