Chiefs Schedule - The Bloc changes strategy

Exit the company visits, the simple press briefings and meetings with local candidates in their constituencies. There are only five days before the vote, and the leader of the Bloc Quebecois, Gilles Duceppe, changed its strategy to counter the rise of the NDP. On Wednesday, he held no fewer than three rallies in three regions of Quebec.
Determined to show the strength of its activist base, the Bloc Quebecois multiplies rallies in recent days, a type of event that has very little use since the beginning of the federal campaign. 
A marked change in strategy in this 33rd day of campaigning. While Gilles Duceppe held not less than three rallies in a single day on Wednesday.

The Bloc leader will, first on a farm with his candidate in Chambly-Borduas, Yves Lessard. It will then sail for the Eastern Townships to attend a second rally at the local election candidate in Compton-Stanstead, France Bonsant. In early afternoon, it was finally in the Drummond Bloc activists meet their leader.

The Bloc is also organizing a parallel event on Wednesday morning. This is a call to vote together several candidates from the region of Montreal and starring Gerald Larose.

Jean Chr├ętien in backing

As Gilles Duceppe earlier this week, Michael Ignatieff will present a former prime minister Jean Chretien in this case, for a speech at a rally activist in North York, Ontario, in what appears to be an attempt to counter the rise of the NDP .

Earlier, Liberal Leader begins his day in Sault Ste. Marie, participating in a public forum with students from a secondary school which obviously have no right to vote.
Meanwhile, Jack Layton is in Western countries. He held an event in Winnipeg in the morning to finish with a rally in Edmonton.

Stephen Harper campaigned in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, presenting an event with local candidates. He will complete his day with a rally in the riding of Welland, where the NDP and the PCs have been vying in 2008.

Finally, the former hockey player Georges Laraque will lend a hand, in the case said, the Green Party leader Elizabeth May, who continues his campaign in his riding of Saanich-Gulf Islands, British Columbia .