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Beastie Boys new album streaming on their site and a player on Lebuzz.info!

The Beastie Boys react quickly to a leak that occurred with their new album, The Hot Sauce Committee Part Two, with a version of the album available for listening on their new website.
The announcement was received via the record company that gave us the statement issued by the group (translation: Lebuzz.info): "Good people, unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control, version ' purified 'of our new album, The Hot Sauce Committee Part Two, has been leaked. So, as a retaliatory hostile, and with great fanfare, we pay the full explicit version, ie, dirty and nasty - available for streaming listening to our new site. We hope it will bring much happiness, hugs and harmony. Enjoy Kikoos for life! Thank you, The Management"

We guess by the tone of the message we did not have to find it funny, but as revenge, it's effective: cut the grass under the feet of attackers by sounding the full uncensored. In addition, fans can access the site to order the album pre-sale, in various incarnations, including versions vinyl, t-shirts to exclusive pre-sale and other unique items.

So, to enjoy, visit hotsaucecommittee.com /, good listening and legitimately!