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Chronology: minutes of a disaster

Berlin  - The explosion at Ukraine's Chernobyl nuclear power plant is considered to be most severe accident in the peaceful uses of nuclear energy. The minutes of a disaster:

25. begins to shut down the operating team, the performance of the reactor for a test: April 1986, 01.00. Because of Kiev again power is required, the team's first moves the experiment. Hours later, the reactor is shut down further. 
26. April, 12:28: The performance is for unexplained reasons, to less than 30 megawatts (MW, one percent of rated capacity) from. The reactor is unstable.

1:15: The investigator bridges the signals that would have led to an emergency shutdown.

1:23: The test runs: in a few seconds, the power is increased to over 300 000 MW. The temperature rises, the refrigerant evaporates and causes increased reactivity. The staff tried unsuccessfully an emergency shutdown. The fuel break and react with the surrounding water. Two steam explosions destroyed the reactor. Radioactive particles rise and spread through Europe.

27. April: In the north-eastern Poland is a radioactive cloud noticeable.

28. April: In the whole of Scandinavia is measured extremely high radioactivity, which later spreads to a lesser extent in parts of Germany and other European countries. The official Soviet news agency TASS are known only in the evening that had occurred at a nuclear power plant in Chernobyl disaster.

29. April: TASS reports the loss of two lives. Soviet diplomats in Bonn and Stockholm ask for help that is promised them. The question suggests that the nuclear charge of the reactor is apparently melted.

2. May, Moscow's representative to the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna announced that the chain reaction at Chernobyl was halted and the reactor was shut down. The Radiation Protection Commission of the Federal Government warns against the consumption of fresh milk with excessive iodine value, and later in front of vegetables. Unlike Western media to keep the East German press back with instructions.

3. May: TASS accused in a comment to the West and especially the U.S., the nuclear accident "cannibalize Sensation" as.

6. May: The European Commission recommends to the Council of Ministers to ban imports of food from the Eastern bloc countries. In Germany, several countries prohibit the sale of outdoor vegetables and prohibit the use of sports fields, others have no concerns.

12. May: The Federal Government announces radiation Sent warning even though the land values ​​had not yet returned to normal everywhere. The population could return to normal life and eating habits.

14. May: More than two weeks elapse before the then General Secretary of the Communist Party, Mikhail Gorbachev, with a televised address to Chernobyl ventured to the public.