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"Captain Spock" Has Ended Forever

Leonard Nimoy, actor as Mr. Spock in the Star Trek television series, died aged 83 years. Nimoy last breath on Friday, Feb. 27. Based on the description of his son Adam Nimoy, died of chronic end-stage lung disease. a few days before he died, he was rushed to hospital after he felt pain in the chest.

One year before his death, Nimoy had revealed his illness to the public. At the time of his youth, Nimoy is a nicotine addict, though he finally quit smoking 30 years ago.
Leonard Nimoy has traces of a long career in the world of Hollywood movies. In the movie "Star Trek", he is best known as Mr. Spock, first officer a half-Vulcan-human spacecraft.

Nimoy also loved photography, music, and literature. In 1975, he never wrote a memoir titled "I'm Not Spock." Two decades later, he returned to write a memoir titled "I ' m Spock".

Prior to acting as aliens in Star Trek, Nimoy played the alien in the movie as a serial Zombies of the Stratosphere in which he starred as Narab. Then, in 1965, after he performed military duties and working as a truck driver and waiter, Nimoy appeared for the first time in the Star Trek universe as Mr. Spock until 1969.

In an interview with the Pharrell, Nimoy said his role as Mr. Spock gave him a mixed feeling. In addition he could grab a regular job (formerly Nimoy is a part-time artist), Nimoy also had to act as the character Spock, who is half-human and half alien character who has emotions locked up.

Below the last twitter written by Nimoy

Mr. Nimoy, who taught method acting at his own studio when he was cast in the television series "Star Trek" in the mid-1960s, love to play outside, and he developed what he later admitted was a mystical identification with Spock, aliens alone in the starship's bridge.

President Obama, who is a fan of Mr. Spock, delivered his condolences through the statements in the White House. Obama ever met with Nimoy in 2007, where he was welcomed with Nimoy the Vulcan gesture. "I love Spock," said Obama.


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