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History Today, "the Longest President of FIFA in History"

March 1, 1921 or 94 years ago, a French lawyer, Jules Rimet, was elected the third president of FIFA.


Rimet The Frenchman is a person who was involved in the founding of FIFA, and the most memorable was his proposal to create a tournament between nations. Furthermore, the tournament evolved into the most prestigious football event in the world. The name of the tournament is the World Cup.

Rimet proposed the idea to organize the World Cup when he served as president of FIFA. The proposal he submitted in 1928, and carried out two years later as the first World Cup, World Cup 1930, held in Uruguay. For his services, the World Cup trophy named the Jules Rimet Cup as a tribute to him.

Before the World Cup proposal is accepted, Rimet along with some colleagues took the initiative to establish an organization that houses the football around the world. FIFA was born in 1904. compatriot, Robert Guerin, first elected as FIFA president for two years before being replaced by Daniel Woolfal.

Rimet served as president of the French Football Federation (FFF) since 1919 before elected as FIFA president next two years replace Woolfal. Two office he led for 20 years until he retired as president of the FFF in 1942 but continued his post in FIFA until 1954.

Being President of FIFA for 33 years makes Rimet as the longest president of FIFA in history. Joao Havelange (1974-1998) is below the time in power for 24 years. Over a period of more than three decades, Rimet also adds the FIFA members of which had only 12 people to 85 people at the end of his term.

In 1956, or two years after releasing his post as president of FIFA, Rimet died that happened just two days after his birthday-83.

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