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Facebook Worm: 700 000 linked German

The temptation is great. Who is looking really anything to my profile on Facebook? Any admirer who is constantly on my page? This can be clicked yet again. And then it happened!

The trap has been sprung. Instead of getting presents a serious statistics, engages a worm on the profile of the user and sends in the name of invitations and messages to friends, or linked to these images.
Nearly 700,000 German users will be pure fallen within three days to such requests, reports the specialist blog "Metaprime. As the links suggest supposedly friends, many users are careless, and the worm can spread rapidly.
Behind the system lies a Javascript code that is typed in the address bar of your browser.

Since he is often behind reductions, such as "bit.ly hidden, the link can be seen even more difficult.

Facebook is against this type of attack is relatively powerless, as the javascript is run locally by the computer describes "Metaprime" the problem. Users are therefore called above all to watch for themselves what they can click.

Awkward questions like "WOW, now you can see who is looking at your profile! should be ignored urgent.

Especially since only reply Facebook could see which users which pages. These data remain confidential.

Nevertheless, the question arises: Facebook no longer could do to protect its users, for example by warning messages that indicate current dangers? Finally, not all are so sure of the road network in that they recognize the dangerous questions, even if it comes along sometimes quite clumsy.