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300 dead after series of tornadoes in the USA - Obama

A series of devastating tornadoes has destroyed in the southern United States almost 300 people to death. Up until the early hours of Friday (local time) at least 294 bodies have been recovered, as the U.S. broadcaster CNN reported.
Barack Obama will now travel to the disaster area to Tuscaloosa (Alabama). "The loss of life is heartbreaking," he said at the White House.
The President told the people to help quickly. The government will not let alone the victims in rebuilding after the worst storms in decades. Alabama Governor Robert Bentley stressed that the damages were so enormous and so widespread that it would probably take days to assess the extent of the disaster was.

Alabama is the worst-affected state. There, more than 200 people died in the hurricanes. 1700 more were injured. In five other states there were fatalities. Almost a million households are without electricity. Near Athens, also in Alabama, was cut off a nuclear reactor by the storm from the power supply. The three reactors switched off automatically.

In parts, the hurricanes swept over 300 miles per hour over the country. Meteorologists were a total of more than 150 tornadoes. It is feared that increasing the number of victims could go. Residents and rescue workers continue searching in the rubble for survivors. More than 10 000 people are homeless.

The center of the disaster was Tuscaloosa: A huge tornado swept with a width of 1.5 kilometers of the city. "It was a monster," said an eyewitness. Within minutes, the hurricane made whole blocks to rubble. Cars were whirled through the air. "It's a mess," said one survivor. But here in the meantime, 900 people were missing.
were dozens of deaths and serious damage is also available in the states of Mississippi, Arkansas, Georgia and Tennessee. Five people died in Virginia. Settlements were destroyed. In Alabama, Mississippi and Georgia state of emergency was declared.