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Google honors the "Earth Day" with a Doodle

For more than 30 years, the 22 April at the Sign of the Earth. The search engine Google's attention with a doodle on global action.
Nature, Environment, climate change, biodiversity, all issues to which the 22 April is dedicated. In 1970, a U.S. senator came up with the idea of ​​creating an action aimed at schools and universities which deal with the earth.
In the first year it became a global event, a day that took place around the globe actions about nature and the environment. 20 million people took part in it. 
In the 90 years were formed throughout the World Earth Day groups that annually celebrated under different Motti's Earth Day and to celebrate today.

Doodle with "Earth Day" with Google to help the Earth Day and the American borders to make more widely known. The Doodle is a dream landscape with a waterfall, birds flying and highly endangered pandas, which are stretched out in the sun.
Each year the Earth Day is a different theme, 2003, for example, it was water, 2004 Climate, 2010, it was called "Globald think, act global".

This year the motto is "A Billion Acts of Green". The idea: Everyone thinks of how he can do something for the environment, in concrete terms, through a small gesture, a renunciation, just an "act" for the earth.

Some people might eat more local produce, another promises to always delete the lights when not in use or run the tap when brushing your teeth can not.