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PlayStation Network offline: Microsoft is laughing up his sleeve

After the PlayStation Network, including Sony's PlayStation 3 for the unused online service now for several days is no longer available, and its inaugural main competitor Microsoft commented on the incident.
It is of course very unfortunate to have such a busy time, a spokesman for the Redmond company. However, Microsoft's online network is robust to the expected onslaught now being prepared, which was triggered by players who possess both systems.

     "Of course it is unfortunate that Sony has to such a busy and bustling time [as the Easter holidays] to deal with such problems. Microsoft feels certainly no pleasure in them that play their favorite songs no longer use online. After that, however, said is. We are confident that the robust online network of Microsoft which now triggers the expected traffic increase, by players both systems have to withstand the possibility will have to use all their games on the Xbox LIVE network, could make the difference for some users, and the Xbox Nations event will allow all of them to do just that - regardless of whether a Gold subscription is completed or not.