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Government: Obama is looking for new friends - campaigning via Facebook

Washington / Really cool is the most powerful man in the world. The jacket puts Barack Obama rapidly, then he rolls up his sleeves. Finally, his opposite number Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook founder, the legendary.

The type is indeed multi-billionaire, but just 26 years old. To be careful because even the fittest Obama (49) that he does not look old.
The U.S. President's visit as the first head of state to the Facebook headquarters in Palo Alto - officially sold the White House the appointment as "Town Hall Meeting," which could be described as a "town hall meeting," which sounds rather dusty pretty. Obama is here to promote his fiscal policies, they say. But in reality it is a campaign appearance.

The U.S. president, who counts on his Facebook page just under 20 million "friends", works for the young voters. His appearance is seen on Facebook and the White House website to live for all the world. "Obama likes Facebook. And Facebook like Obama, "calls this the Washington Post. Obama and Zuckerberg - two alpha animals of the Internet age go hand in hand.

Critics complain earlier, the influence of the network on the President was too big. Facebook is just his Washington office fully applied in the vicinity of the White House. And Obama's former spokesman Robert Gibbs is considered a new press officer of the company.

The good thing about Facebook, "that it is not a one-way conversation is," Obama said in a slightly lecturing tone. "I speak not only you, but you speak well to me. We are in a conversation, we are in a dialogue. "That should sound cool, but is in fact a bit stale. For the Facebook generation like an old hat.

Obama among young voters must make an effort this time properly. No question: When he took the end of 2008, the White House, it was not least the young ones who supported him. Although polls still insure 38 percent of 18 - to 29-year-olds, they would also vote for Obama this time rather than for a Republican - but these are much less than in 2008.