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Heavy fighting in economic capital Abidjan

The bloody power struggle in the Ivory Coast is obviously prior to the decision: president Ouattara supporters have moved in Abidjan against remaining troops of the rival Gbagbo. It is said to have heavy fighting near the presidential palace.
Abidjan - lasted for months in the Ivory Coast of the bloody power struggle between supporters of the internationally recognized president Alassane Ouattara and his opponent Laurent Gbagbo was voted out - now has the situation in the country more pointedly: This appears to be gaining Gbagbo gets under pressure.
Armed followers of Ouattara moved in Thursday night against rival troops of Gbagbo remaining in front of the business metropolis of Abidjan, as correspondents reported the news agency AFP and residents. When President Gbagbo's residence in the palace and was therefore fought fiercely.

The rebels want to force the last November, was voted out Gbagbo in power for resignation. On Wednesday they had captured the capital Yamoussoukro. Meanwhile, to control the trailer Ouattaras about 80 percent of the country.

UN soldiers protecting the airport

Abidjan was attacked on several fronts and from different directions, said an adviser to the fighter Ouattara. In an already conquered the northern district of Abidjan were attacked prisons and the inmates have been freed. Ouattaras fighters marched in the Yopougon district, home to many supporters Gbagbo. The rebels separated only by a lagoon Gbagbo's presidential palace, surrounded on all sides by water.

The rebel troops moved along a main road in front of the district and setting up roadblocks. Since Thursday morning, they delivered, according to testimony gunfights with police.

UN peacekeepers would protect the airport in Abidjan, said a spokesman for the UN peacekeeping mission in New York. Units of Gbagbo's troops had already asked the UN soldiers to secure their retreat.
U.S. government warns Gbagbo

In a speech in his private TV station called Ouattara supporters of his rival to desert on. "My fighters have come to restore democracy," said Ouattara. "To all who still hesitate, whether general, officer or enlisted man: There is still time for you to join your brothers in arms."
According to Choi Young Jin, head of the UN mission in Ivory Coast are already 50,000 soldiers deserted and the police. "Only the Republican Guard and Special Forces are still loyal," said Choi.

Ouattara has been the closure of the borders arranged. The borders were closed by land, sea and air until further notice, said in a statement by the Interior Ministry on Thursday. The date the current President Gbagbo loyal public television was to no longer receive on Thursday evening after hours of clashes outside the headquarters of the transmitter in the city of Abidjan, as several residents of the city reported. The reason the program is interrupted, however, remained unclear.

The U.S. government warned of the consequences of its intransigence Gbagbo. Gbagbo will for everything happening in Abidjan, called to account if he does not resign. He still had the chance, said the department heads for Africa in the U.S. State Department, Johnnie Carson. The Southern African Development Community (SADC) called on at their summit in Zambia Gbagbo to resign and to recognize the election results.