Tepco schlampt with measured values

This time do not agree the radiation readings in the groundwater of Fukushima. The value is too high, but it pollutes the groundwater, said the Japanese nuclear regulatory authority Nisa.
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01. April 2011 2011-04-01 10:54:36

In radiation measurement in the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant operators Tepco has once again sloppy. Which are in ground water around the nuclear power plant measured values ​​sometimes incorrect, said the Japanese nuclear regulatory authority Nisa on Friday. The day before, it was said that the water under the Atomic Energy wreck a 10,000-fold higher value was measured by radioactive iodine. What was the burden is really not known. That groundwater is contaminated but is nevertheless very likely. Tepco had incorrectly measured a few days ago.

Since the earthquake, and nuclear accident three weeks ago, the Group is due to its information policy in the criticism. Government spokesman Yukio Edano closed, according to the Kyodo news agency of support from the government to Tepco not.
At the ruins of Fukushima Daiichi rescue workers continue to fight against the disaster. You want to try again, resin to spray on the contaminated debris. The project was abandoned on Thursday because it was raining. The resin is to prevent the spread of radioactive dust. Japan's Prime Minister Naoto Kan, meanwhile announced his first visit to the troubled region since the devastating earthquake on 11 March on. He will travel on Saturday in the earthquake-devastated city Rikuzentakata and in the Fukushima prefecture, also in the damaged nuclear power plant is located, told the news agency Kyodo. To the ruins themselves, he will travel but probably not. On Saturday, visiting Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle Japan. By staying in Tokyo, he wanted to bring Germany's solidarity with the Japanese people expressed.
Incident at nuclear plant

On Thursday, the nuclear power plant to an incident: A man tried to enter the premises of Fukushima Daiichi. Because he was there, but held, according to the operator of staff, he went to Fukushima Daini plant. Fukushima Daini is located about seven miles from the Fukushima Daiichi and is in contrast to the stable. There he broke through with his car veered around to score and ten minutes on the site, Kyodo reported. No one was injured, the 25-year-old unemployed was arrested. As a reason for the random walk, he said, according to police: "I wanted to strike again."

The nuclear regulatory authority called Tepco with a view to the storage of radioactive materials to ensure better security of the system.

The Japanese government refuses further to expand the evacuation zone. This is within 20 kilometers of the nuclear power plant. The International Atomic Energy Agency, Japan has fallen for the evacuation of a town which lies about 40 kilometers from the nuclear power plant. After the earthquake and tsunami now officially almost 11 600 deaths were recorded. But there are still about 16,500 people missing, so the authorities conceive of far more deaths. Many survivors of the disaster still waiting in makeshift camps.
Attempted return to normality

The world knows him as "the man in blue overalls. But the Japanese government spokesman Yukio Edano occurs again in the elegant dark gray suit in front of the press. Three weeks after the earthquake disaster in Tokyo, the government wants to take a step towards normality. "We wanted to show that the government is now looking into the future. Therefore, we have extended these jackets, "said Edano. An end to the crisis in the Fukushima nuclear power plant is further not in sight.

The Cabinet members were on since the quake, 11th March, the same protective suits worn as helpers in the earthquake zone. On Friday, it was only the minister for disaster management, infrastructure and economy. It was now "time for the government, the next steps towards rebuilding to do," said Edano.