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WhatsApp: Ready for Your Desktop with Limitation

WhatsApp finally released to the web

Now, users of whatsapp will be able to use it in their dekstop, you must log in to use WhatsApp  by scanning a QR code with your phone. its will be mirrors your conversations and messages from your mobile device, and that will make your message still live on your phone.

WhatsApp web is able be used on Android, Windows Phone, Nokia S60 and Blackberry Devices. 

WhatsApp Web have several limitations.The big one is WhatsApp is not supported to iOS device, due to WhatsApp founder Jan Koum said  “Apple platform limitations”, there's no iOS version on the way for now. The reason is Apple Platform is limited.

The other limitation of it is "If your phone dies, so your WhatsApp web will not connected". so you will lose all your communication. so you able to use it, if you have an active connection on your phone, not just your computer.