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Lady Gaga engaged to the Star of The Vampire Diaries. "Taylor Kinney"

Lady Gaga engaged to actor Taylor Kinney. The pop star share big news through her Instagram account on Monday.

He upload photos ring on his finger and wrote: "He gave his heart to me on Valentine's Day, and I said YES!"
and get 453 thousand "like" and congratulations from fans.

Romantic event was carried out in a restaurant in Chicago at dinner with the family.

Lady Gaga and Kinney met on the set of video "You & I" in 2011. Kinney starred on NBC's "Chicago Fire" and also the film "Zero Dark Thirty"

Kinney is an actor and model of 33-year-old from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States. He is also a model that is a child of the couple dentist (mother), and bankers (the father).

Both parents divorced when Kinney was a child. Then he moved to Neffsville with his mother and three brothers.

His brother died in 2008, then he moved to Hawaii and becomes a carpenter to earn extra income in the first year of his college.


However, even though she was engaged, she was reluctant to use the ring for everyday.

Many questions appears about what caused Taylor chose Gaga becomes his spouse. Understandably, Gaga barely been seen to have a special relationship with a man.

"Gaga is a woman who is always supportive partner, always there in joy and sorrow. I love her very much, both of his style, his work, and a good personality. She was great being able to inspire a lot of people including me," said Taylor revealed the reason why he chose Lady Gaga.

Gaga just a short answer when asked why settled on Taylor, "He a nice guy, so why not take him ?," she joked.


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is she will end her carier as a artist?