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RIP Greg Plitt Killed while filming ads protein shake


A fitness expert, bodybuilders and inspirational coach Greg Plitt must receive his death after was hit by a train in Burbank, California. Plitt was hit around 4:05 on the tracks on Front Street, is located in the north of Burbank Metrolink Station, Plitt died at the scene after a train hit it, as said Burbank police Sgt. Scott Meadows. This incident was not an act of suicide, and still under intensive investigation.
Russ Howe commented on RIP: "RIP Greg Plitt. One of the most awesome people the fitness industry has ever known .." emergence Pitt Bravo reality show makes it increasingly popular as is a fitness instructor

He also has acted in some Hollywood films, among the actors who've in action with him is Robert DeNiro and Matt Damon in The Good Shepherd, and with Christian Bale in Terminator 4.
According to a source, Greg stood near the railroad tracks while holding the camcorder shortly before he was hit, and allegedly he is shooting an ad for protein shakes.
      Thousands of people have paid tribute to Greg, because one month before his death, he made a haunting video "will you be remembered?"