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Jordanian Pilot Burned Alive, Two Prisoners Executed

Jordan has executed two prisoners, including female suicide bombers as a reaction to the horrific murder of a pilot Jordan, by the extremist group Islamic State.

Islamic State released a video showing a fighter pilot Jordan burned alive in a cage, after several video was released, the government executed two prisoners at dawn wednesday.


Two prisoners are executed is Sajida al-Rashawi and Ziad al-Karbouli.

Al-Rishawi has been sentenced to death for his role in the bombing of three hotels in the Jordanian capital Amman in 2005 that killed dozens.

Sajida al-Rashawi

Prior to the execution of this, between the Jordanian government and the Islamic State did negoosiasi prisoner exchange for the release of Lieutenant Muath al-Kaseasbeh. and the Islamic State asked al-Rishawi released, with the proviso, Jordan wants to see their pilot still alive.

"Jordan's response to the murder of the hero pilot, Muath al-Kaseasbeh, will be strong, firm and fast," said Mohammed al-Momani.

Military spokesman Mamdouh al-Ameri added, "punishment and revenge we will be equivalent to the loss of Jordan."
"While the military forces of mourning martyrs, they emphasize his blood will not be shed in vain," he said

Jordan's King Abdullah II at the White House and met with President Obama, in Washington called on the nation to unite. "It is our duty to unite and show the real values of Jordan in the face of this adversity,".

Obama said the video, if authentic, more evidence of "ferocity and savagery" radical groups (Islamic State)

"And, I think, would redouble vigilance and determination on the part of a global coalition to ensure that they are degraded and eventually lost," Obama told reporters.

Al-Kaseasbeh captured by the Islamic State - also known as the ISIL or ISIS - in December after his plane crashed over Syria. He was the first, and so far only, foreign military pilots to be taken since the US-led coalition began air strikes on militants last year.

In Jordan, the tense situation that developed as protests erupted in Amman and hometown pilot Ai on Tuesday night. Hundreds of demonstrators took to the streets, chanting against Abdullah. "There is no god but Allah and the martyr is loved by God," protesters heard singing.

Video burning Pilot Jordan by the Islamic State released after John Kerry and Nasser Judeh signed an agreement to promote regional security and economic development

In a statement later in the day, Kerry praised al-Kaseasbeh because "everything that ISIL is not: brave, compassionate and principled."

Video running in 22 minutes, 34 seconds, alternating between shots of al-Kaseasbeh surrounded by fire fighters and buildings and home bombed by coalition.

In minutes terakhi, visible pilot in an enclosure with a flammable liquid in the soil around and under him. The man in the cage quickly consumed by fire.

The militants initially demanded $ 200 million in exchange for life and that Haruna Yukawa Goto, Japanese citizens held hostage.

After the release of photos of decapitated bodies Yukawa, the militants changed their demands, instead of calling for the release of al-Rishawi.
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