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Bruce Jenner in a Fatal Car Accident, "PAPARAZI ?"

The former Olympic athlete Bruce Jenner was involved in a car accident that killed a driver, this occurs on the Pacific Coast Highway. At least three cars were involved in the incident. Eight people were reportedly also injured in this incident.

Jenner survived. At that time he was avoiding the paparazzi when his car hits a white sedan which caused the driver was killed. Jenner is currently being interrogated by the police as a witness and undergo tests of drug use. Unproven, Jenner speeding try to avoid the paparazzi.

stepfather of famous Hollywood celebrities, Kourtney, Kim and Khloe Kardashian. also the father of TV star, Kendall and Kylie Jenner driving a black Cadillac Escalade hits a white Lexus car until the rear car crushed, then Lexus Prius hits a in front of him.

Lexus sedan driver was killed, and it turned the neighbors of the Kardashian family. Victim named Kim Howe (69) who lives in Calabasas complex along Kourtney, Robert, and Khloe Kardashian, stepdaughter of Bruce.

The police investigators tried to find out the cause of the accident and will examine the phone records of the fourth driver.

According to Sheriff Commander Michael Parker, investigators will look at whether Bruce Jenner or three other driver was typing on mobile phone or make a telephone call when the accident occurs.

Recently, Jenner into the public spotlight after convey the desire to do transitional gender. Since 2013, Jenner appearance is changed. He let his hair long flowing. These physical changes reinforce the the speculation that Jenner wants to turn into a woman.