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"The Hot Girl" Sexy Cora: Ambulance called to an hour late?

The circumstances under which Sexy Cora died giving, still a huge mystery. The lawyer of her widower now raises new allegations against the clinic and Alster sees clear evidence of medical malpractice. An ambulance had been called ostensibly until an hour after the cardiac arrest of the "Big Brother" stars.

To the dead porn star versa one no peace. Her widower, Tim has recently Wosnitza the Alster in Hamburg clinic sued and demanded four million euros for loss of earnings. In the beauty clinic, Carol Wosnitza wanted alias Sexy Cora on 11 January her fifth breast surgery to undergo. During the operation her heart stopped beating, she died on 20 January in the University Hospital Eppendorf (UKE).
Now her widower, a lawyer specializing in medical law, Nicola focus on,. Sharp has requested the medical records of clinics and provides "clear evidence of medical malpractice." The report "Hamburger Morgenpost".
The report of the Alster Klink According to Cora at 15:30 clock suffered a cardiac arrest. On digital photos that show the time clock 15:48 and record the status of her breasts before the operation should, Cora was still awake.

A key document is missing from the files of the Alster Clinic: The anesthetic protocol. Also on the progress of the operation of disagreement. According to Alster, the hospital operating room had to be stopped immediately after the first section of the surgeons. According to the UKE, however, was already replaced an implant.

The Alster clinic indicates to 15:45 clock has settled an emergency call. The Protocols of the emergency services finally came at 16:30 a clock, an emergency call at the control center: So an hour after her heart stopped beating!

Scharf said the lawyer to "Hamburger Morgenpost:" It raises the question of what did the doctors in the Alster clinic from 15:30 clock to abort the operation and the withdrawal of the emergency call at 16:30 clock, or rather have failed. " On his arrival turned the emergency physician "wide and entrundete pupils' set. A sign that Cora's brain was severely damaged.

On suspicion of causing death by negligence against the surgeon determined the prosecution K. Martin and anesthesiologist Marion F. If convicted, the medics jailed for up to five years.