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A bit of Starbucks, a bit of Kaufhof

America can greet: Tchibo has saved and invested well in the "look and feel" of its branches. The new look will bring more sales. The only worry: The high price of green coffee.
In white script on black panels offers to attract short-stop coffee: Latte Macchiato, Cappuccino, Espresso. On brown wood bar smell muffins and cheese cake in glass display cases. Friendly try the saleswoman, "necessity" for a coffee a blueberry tart. Welcome to America? Not at all. What looks like a Starbucks store, coupled with the charm of an old pharmacy and the department store next door, is located in the middle of Hamburg.

In the shopping center in Hamburg mile has recently opened a branch of Tchibo, the chain internally called "Our New World". The concept is to increase long after the crisis, sales of Germany's largest coffee roaster again.

Brown wood floors, bar stools, indirect light, changing rooms, Grabbeltische with Easter decorations from last week, a wall with coffee capsules: "This is a completely different look and feel," says Thomas Holzgreve, CEO of Tchibo's parent company Maxinginvest.
This view seems also to customers as follows: Initial tests have shown that the new approach are well received, it says at Tchibo Tchibo visitors in the new Starbucks pharmacy world have more money than in the old shops.

Every day one million people to Tchibo. About 1,200 people squeezed every day through the sometimes narrow old shops of the city centers, each meter is money - there is a kick for the paragraph just right.

Already 20 of the new worlds, the Group has built up so. All 820 German stores would receive in the next three years, a new face. This year alone to more than 100 million euros will go towards the entrance. It was to the serving of coffee a greater weight given, says Board Holzgreve. As in the Hamburg miles it is to give all booths and snacks. "We reflect on our roots."