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Iggy Pop: shirtless is my stage.

So you're a rocker, are James Durbin? Take a lesson from Iggy Pop - at the age of 63 (Note: This is like heroin in 398 years) dancing shirtless in the "American Idol" stage of their 1986 hit "Real Wild Child" is the song.

At some point, even legends have become caricatures of themselves. Think of "Fat Elvis" or, you know, Britney Spears. But that does not mean we do not have heart for them. Iggy And our accessories - in true rock and roll spirit - not give a flying ****  
if it shows an excellent performance delivered to a competition that has been bombed in 1969 anyway. The man is a legend of rock and that is why he was there on Thursday (07 April) afternoon.

Those of you who are not necessarily fans of the seminal band Iggy, The Stooges, was shaken and perhaps a little confused. All right. Oblivion is what has happened and continue humming Constantine Maroulis delivery of "Unchained Melody."

But for those who listened to Iggy in the top of their form of interest, so check out this gem:
Before the surprise elimination night on American Idol, Iggy Pop, craziest performers American Idol has had to take their 1986 hit "Real Wild Child", bare-chested on stage. Iggy is 64 years old in about two weeks. He is one of the pioneers of punk and alternative rock. He is not a composer who was at American Idol and has 50 on his jersey in more than 40 years, performing for many years. Check out Iggy Pop performance below.