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Gates talks about the closing level of troops in Baghdad

Talking to a group of 200 soldiers in Baghdad, Gates said in cheers Army "Hooah" from the crowd as he makes his concern for the government shutdown, and said. "First let me say that you paid"

Gates' comments came during a question and answer session when one of the soldiers as the government shutdown would affect them. , Joked, "As a historian who was always the smartest thing the government has always been to pay the guys with guns first."

As serious, he said, as if a government is closed, the performance of soldiers in the field of half a salary for that period would have to pay, but will pay in the future.

"But seriously, some things I read this morning, when the government shut down basic principles 8 and goes for a week, should be considered in the half. When it comes to the 15 th to 30 th, not a package pay 30, but would be paid for all of it. This is the deal, and I'm, you know, frankly, I remember when I was your age I think of many live payroll, to pay, so I hope this was not happening. "

Later, speaking with reporters, Gates said that if unemployment goes to 30 then you lose a paycheck. But he said the stop would be at home with their families more than those who work in this area.

"We now have to pay again, of course, not so much time is lost anything, but you know as well as I live, pay many of these young soldiers nice paycheck. And I start with the inconvenience that this causes children to go and I think many of their families, delayed even half of a paycheck can be a problem for them, so I hope that the work of the whole thing. "

Gates also said the group of soldiers would probably be his last trip to Iraq, another indication that his timetable for withdrawal would be in charge this summer to be.

"I do not know how many trips I have made in Iraq, and this will probably be the last. I wanted to come and say thanks," said Gates, adding that "working with all of you has the greater honor and the greatest honor of my life. "