Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution Season 2 returns

Last season, Jamie Oliver is trying to the eyes of the most unhealthy city in America, Huntington, WV Open. sunny Los Angeles, California - This season, he threw his eyes even wider. But for a city that loves the camera is the role, he was met with strong opposition.
Los Angeles has a picture of healthy living, but under the glitz and glamor is an epidemic of unhealthy school meal programs and has encouraged a thriving business fast food.

LAUSD public was denied the right to film in all schools or speak with their students on the meal programs. So it is the word to the Education Commission to reconsider its decision. It started with a visit to KIIS FM with Ryan Seacrest (producer of the show) to try to get parents to Los Angeles to keep him in school. They received calls from all over the city by the parents, siblings, friends are all talking about the bad food and fast food options in schools.
In Huntington, they have created kitchen of Jamie where residents can go for free cooking classes and healthy eating information. He created a kitchen of Jamie in Los Angeles, asking him to bring lunch to their children. If he can not go to the lunch room, it will provide food for him. After the tours and packages of processed food is the worst he had ever seen, even after last season in West Virginia.
No wonder some schools have obsesity prices as high as 80%, all food is made in one place and then packed and shipped in schools. Children are basically foods airplane every day from the age of 4-18 years.
In the kitchen, he must show a demonstration of where meat comes from. He took a live cow and showed that the cuts come, what parts of the cow and how each section is worth. After scoring all parties, who worked with a few bold pieces that are not suitable for cuts and the next meal for humans. Usually it is used for dog food or feed, because they considered unfit for human consumption at high risk of E. coli and salmonella.
But in America, these pieces are "pink slime" through a process of separating the flesh to release the cleaning with chemicals to form a harmful bacteria, then ground to look like real food. But, "Pink Slime" is allowed in all schools in America by the USDA. In its terrible demonstration, it was a washing machine and take home cleaning products like ammonia used to turn the meat unusable in "pink slime" which looked like hamburger. This "pink slime" is in 70% of ground beef products, and allows up to 15% in each cake or a meal. This is not an ingredient because it is a "process" because it is not marked on the package to ammonia. At the moment there is nothing on the label so please note that this is the meat of the United States. The only way you can really avoid "pink slime" is seeing a butcher grind the meat in front of you.

As a father of four children, the fight against small obsesity personally. This season, he brought his family to Los Angeles and even include her granddaughters, they are the basis not leave it in LAUSD schools because they have something to hide and do not want him to tell the world how bad the situation really is.
At a public meeting of the board, Jamie tried to re-rent the card for use in schools. After playing 3 minutes, they move to the head of food services and then off to the director of communications. It is just a roundabout way to get him out of the Assembly and a brush. The entire device is shut on him LAUSD.
its more of his work with the school, it will look on Fast Food in Los Angeles. Fast food is just the last 60 years, and he started in LA. The big name fast food chains have shut as LAUSD, but takes a peek at Petra's Burgers, an independent channel.
As the owner, Deno had nothing to hide, it was certainly not change anything. It did not take anything on the menu, and it was very good with sugar syrup, combine the taste of fresh fruit instead. The goal is to make its menu healthier, not change it completely. But this restaurant is how his family survived when changes Jamie affect its revenue could harm their livelihoods.
He received nutritional Petra Burger analyzed and they were all over 850-1100 calories. Thus, to reduce calories, he brought Black Angus beef, grass fed and changed the Mayo for a tahini sauce with yogurt. Although Deno liked the taste of burgers that cost too much. Jamie meat was $ 1.67 per Patty, Deno was about as much for a book together.
He then tried to change the yogurt ice cream milkshake, but it tasted good, not Deno, being necessary to a milkshake at all. He can not sell yogurt smoothie and call it a milkshake. In addition, he admitted frankly that he had never flavored syrup milkshake provide her children, but he agrees with this service to their customers. This is where the problem lies in the mentality of America Foodservice.
Im trying to find good news in Los Angeles, where he remained in California School Nutrition Society. The first red flag is the sign of flavored milk. Sponsored by the Council of milk, they tried to say that there is a good thing for flavored milk at school. But these types of milk have as much sugar as soda!
The hostility and stubbornness inspired him to create his own panel of flavored milk. He expected a huge turn, but showed that about 25 people. For the demonstration plant, it was a school bus filled with sugar that is consumed in a week of flavored milk in LAUSD schools. He filled the bus up to the edge, and only 1 / 3 of the course. When everything is finished, filled with 57 tons of sugar by bus and around a huge pile.
He thought he was having trouble getting Huntington's, but here it is only the cold shoulder institutions and a lukewarm response from the community. Tune in to see next week as Jamie Oliver, hostility LAUSD continues to handle and is able to work with Max preparation in downtown Los Angeles.

If Gordon Ramsay is the hyena barbarism of the culinary world, Jamie Oliver is the shaggy shepherd overzealous. Here are some observations from the results of the second season of Are "Jamie Oliver Food Revolution"
Ryan Seacrest has a radio show in Los Angeles, most people? I had no idea. At least Oliver has been better received on local radio when he was in Huntington, West Virginia. (Season) was.
Oliver set up in the kitchen of Huntington is still in operation today. Good to know.
All primary schools receive their food from a central kitchen, even if schools have a kitchen. So go on not cooking much.
Jamie puts his kitchen LA and invites children to bring their lunch to show him what they were for. We find that the leaves are "in a microwave plastic socks," as Oliver said.
Oliver shows all the inedible bits of a cow and said he is not suitable for human consumption, but these cuts of meat, known as "pink slime" are allowed in U.S. schools. He washed pink vase in ammonia, rinse and crushed it, and said that's the way it served to schoolchildren. Ewwwww.
"This is not reality TV, this is a campaign." (If I blog about our political blog?)
children named Oliver are ridiculously cute little cone.
Oliver addresses the school board, he regarded with deep suspicion to him speak "Board of Directors of the head," but instead of that number, Oliver was said to represent a request to speak to them . Full stop.
Patra's Drive-Thru looks amazing. Deadly, but brilliant. Oliver begs to differ. He wants to revive the menu again. He asked the owner when fast food places have to be unhealthy. (You should see Israel Buddha Burger.) Shakes are made with real ice, but no real fruit. Owner can not come from the menu. No fries. No hamburgers. Nothing.
Oliver made a delicious grass fed Angus Burger. The owner loves him until he heard the price, about three times its current price would be, but it is better and less calories.
Oliver made a healthy milk shake with yogurt, which is obviously against the law in Patras. Owner insists it's a smoothie. Oliver mentally feels "defeated". Owner says, you must use three scoops of ice cream in a milkshake and Oliver said that therefore America's screwed. " Right About Now, I think we need a cameo from Gordon Ramsay mouth off. Even now, I really want a milkshake.
Oliver hates the idea of ​​flavored milk. It is prohibited in England, flavored milk at school, "Oliver said during a debate. "Do not give children flavored milk at school in the middle of a crisis of obesity."
Then a store in Los Angeles schools, stations Oiver waterfalls cheap, but they have an impact. He filled a school bus with the amount of added sugar for a week in the school district of Los Angeles. Well illustrated.
Oliver compares to Huntington and Huntington said at least the impression of the man, but he is still in Los Angeles is the substance cold shoulder.
It seems a little strange that the "food revolution" has even tried a second season in a city that did not allow access to schools. Why did they would not go anywhere, they welcome? Guess we'll see in future episodes.
Remember, this is not just a TV show is a food movement. What do you think? Are you behind Jamie Oliver or do you think he should return to England and leave the stomach of America?