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William and Kate - the wedding countdown: A new nose is like a new life

Still 18 days until the wedding. And while Kate and William make themselves wet on her last official date that plague Tara Palmer-Tomkinson other worries. Your nose surgery may be, is not ready in time.
not only look beautiful as the bride. This iron rule applied to the wedding of Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles if the mature patina of many a bride visitor major problems. At the sight of the assembled chamber of horrors of English High and money aristocracy, the solution seemed to be at that time turned out very simple: do not go to the hairdresser, make-up and not put as ugly dresses. Fortunately, Prince Williams bride Kate Middleton leaves the wedding guests at this year more room for improvement. There's even a nose operation there. 
Tara Palmer-Tomkinson - the British Paris Hilton - but fears that her new nose is not ready in time. Her nose look like at the moment, "like a boxer after a lost battle," says the British daily newspaper The Daily Mail reported. Unlike Michael Jackson at the time the plate olfactory organ is not the result of dozens of bungled cosmetic operations, but Palmer-Tomkinson of drug use. For years to the now 39-year-old for £ 400 per day cocaine weggeschnupft - that just can not resist the strongest mucosa. Does the English weather, which it says currently, Palmer-Tomkinson has to make, however, no worries. Then they can hide their mutilated nose that is easily under one umbrella.

In England it is currently pouring with rain - with no prospect of improvement. Kate and William had won their last official appointment on Monday completed before the ceremony and opened in the county of Lancashire, a new school. Thousands of spectators waited for hours in the rain to catch a glimpse of the future princess. Instead, they saw only black. Kate used a giant black umbrella. Much to the displeasure of their fans, where the view was taken on her navy blue suit. Kate had to prompt can be compared with their Schwiegeroma to-be. Queen Elizabeth used in the rain that is always a transparent screen and granted so also with the English weather model view on her colorful wardrobe. At the next tea time in the palace should be operated so be sure to Kate at the royal umbrella stand.

It is colorful, 29 April, in England's roads go. Therefore, Prime Minister David Cameron has spoken a word of command. "Do not be meddling, let the people celebrate in peace," he pointed too busy officials cope now. They wanted to prevent moody street parties in towns and cities with all sorts of bureaucratic hurdles. Not without reason, will think anybody who has ever experienced the drunken Englishman in broad daylight at the Munich Oktoberfest. Then travel through it could be that while Kate and William are kissing on the balcony, wet them a one-half of their subjects happy "Cheerio" against hurling, while the others are drunk on the beer Bank. Or, as Cameron puts it: "Let us make sure that it is a memorable day." Long live the Queen!