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Burqa: Arrest of Muslim women in France

Muslim women protest against burqa ban
Paris - Since Monday is a burqa ban in France - and immediately, the police arrested two veiled women. However, the two had created it out to be warned. They had dressed in a full-body veil with other women in front of the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris against the entry into force of the law demonstrated. In their view, it violates the freedom of expression and religion. The police finally took it not been for their clothing, but because they had not signed the protest. One of them was Kenza anhydride, a nationally known, 32-year-old Muslim who enters the last 13 years for wearing the full body veil. In the morning they had announced in Avignon a complaint at the European Court of Human Rights. Then they had risen in the train and unmolested in the niqab come to Paris, where she wanted the evening to take part in a televised discussion. 
The niqab leaves a slit for the eyes as the burqa veils the view to a network. The conservative majority in the French parliament decided last September to ban both garments in public. France is the first country in Europe, where a law applies. Burqa and niqab may now still in school or on the train, museum, theater, stadium or restaurant be worn only at home or at religious sites or on the road. In the car they are allowed as long as the wife does not drive. The hijab, which leaves the face free, however, allowed everywhere.

Manuel Roux, vice chairman of the police union, said: 'This law will be applied infinitely difficult. " He referred to a distributed position against Interior Minister Claude Guéant newsletter. It sets out the Minister, as did the police act to enforce the law. Roux warned that in some quarters anyway anxiety come when the police show up. 'I dare not imagine what happens if we then still be interested for a woman in the veil. "

The law requires officials to impose a fine of 150 €. Male family members to force women to wear the veil threatens them with a fine of 30,000 € and a year in prison "But that is not quasi-proof, unless the women file charges," added Roux. In France, wearing 500-2000 burqa or niqab women. A quarter of them will be either convert inside.