Winklevoss Twins in defense of Facebook Deal

SAN FRANCISCO - Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss can not recover from a settlement with the claims social networking giant Facebook which have as their founder Mark Zuckerberg idea, a U.S. Court of Appeals ruled Monday.

Winklevoss twins, had agreed with Divya Narendra, demanded their release, but later claimed the regulation was obtained by fraud. A lower court had granted the request to Facebook to enforce the regulation. 

The 9th U. S. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld that decision on Monday.

know many of you know that the judge on Monday said Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, they must accept the money previously agreed $ 65,000,000 and stock settlement with Facebook over allegations that founder Mark Zuckerberg was their idea social networking site.

The rejection of his appeal by a three-judge panel of the 9th U. S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco leaves the twins with the equivalent of a legal Hail Mary: A new wider front of an "en banc" Group of the 9th circuit court to overrule the authority of the Panel's decision. But an en banc hearing must be requested and will not be granted in the ordinary course of the complaint.

Failing that, a call to the U.S. Supreme Court is the only arrow in the quiver of the litigation is twins left.

Facebook settled with the Winklevoss in 2008, when the company was already generating much buzz, but long before, he examined how the Internet's most successful start-up since Google.

The twins finally she decided to short-term changes in the regulations, arguing that the internal valuation models for Facebook estimates that the company was much higher than the Winklevoss and their lawyers had been led to believe at the time.

But writing in the decision announced on Monday, 9 U. S. Circuit Court of Appeals Chief Judge Alex Kozinski, "have at some point, litigation must end. This point has been reached."

It's easy to paint the Winklevoss in an unflattering light call for a settlement to which they agreed to one, they were separated on 65 million U.S. dollars and become even richer than they are already authorized.

Over these two 6 "5", incredibly beautiful brothers grew up privileged in Greenwich, Connecticut, went to private school Tony, then at Harvard University. They are not exactly sympathetic characters, and the idea they are victims is almost ridiculous.

But Facebook is satisfied with the Winklevoss, and what you say about institutions, I choose to believe it is an admission of some wrongdoing. Then it comes to price.

In fact, the crux of the matter Winklevoss: they were misled about the value of Facebook at the time of billing. Clearly Winklevoss believes they were - even if the 9 circuit group disagrees - as they pursue a remedy.

What is their right. Winklevoss but is mocked for its offer to call - for me here, as I wrote: "It's a cold cruel world we live in, great, beautiful, rich must be a graduate of Harvard with a mere $ 65 million settlement, they agreed. "

But I've grown since January, and now realize that if the rights of the rich and privileged every possible conceivable threat to exhaust remedies, the rights of all, every single, possible, conceivable threat call exhaust .

Some see Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss struggle for greater prosperity. I see them fighting for the rest of us. Except when they win, they have all the money.