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Body Beautification: how far do you go?

Some forms of body decoration have long been used and are generally accepted. Holes in your ears for example, more women have it than not. And these days are other piercings become commonplace: a ring or bar through the nose, tongue, navel or genitals: most people no longer look at. Another familiar way to make yourself more beautiful is the tattoo on every street corner you can make a turn. 
But the urge to beautify the body goes further: lips are injected with silicone, painted eyebrows, pubic hair plucked electric. And what about the deliberate application of scars or placing pieces of metal under the skin? Even splitting the tongue seems to be a new cosmetic rage.

How far do you decorate your body? The more the better, or do you just unnatural? And, it is good to do surgery on a healthy body?