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IMF chief indicted for attempted rape

New York (MoN) - In the midst of the debt crisis, IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn on a charge of attempted rape in the United States have been arrested.

The most promising French presidential contender was on Sunday on the road to Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin when he was arrested a few minutes before the start in New York on board his aircraft. This threatens not only to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) crisis. Greece warned on Sunday before short-term delays in decisions about the EU and supported by the IMF bailout.

The 62-year-old is accused of having molested on Saturday when a hotel employee in New York. Is charged with sexual assault, attempted rape and false imprisonment. The 32-year-old maid had given the police log, Strauss-Kahn was naked from the bathroom of his rented suite came and approached her. Then he pulled her into the bedroom and there harassed. The woman was able to break away, whereupon the Frenchman tried to lock her up in the hotel room, police said. It was her but managed to escape and then I get treatment for slight injuries in a hospital. Strauss-Kahn had left the Sofitel Hotel at Times Square in Manhattan fled, forgetting his cell phone. Strauss-Kahn enjoy no immunity, said a police spokesman. He expected to be presented on Sunday to a judge.

The lawyer said Strauss-Kahn told Reuters on request, his client will plead not guilty. Should he be convicted of attempted rape, he would have to reckon with 15 to 20 years in prison. To imprisonment, three to five years in prison.


In the current European debt crisis, the International Monetary Fund plays a major role. He is involved in the rescue program for Greece, Ireland and Portugal. These should be at the center of the planned for the Sunday meeting with Merkel. "The call is canceled," a senior government official said on Sunday. In addition, the IMF chief would take part on Monday in the meeting of Euro Finance Ministers, the decision on an aid package for Portugal.

A senior Greek government official said, will quickly implement the rescue plan for the country expected to be slightly delayed. However, this does not change the determination of Greece to implement saving requirements. Currently, a decision is expected on whether the government in Athens will receive the next tranche of aid twelve billion euros. Without the money threatens the euro country defaulted.


In France the arrest sparked strong reactions. "The message is like a bolt of lightning struck," said Martine Aubry, the leader of the Socialists, for Strauss-Kahn in the coming year was a rival candidate to incumbent Nicolas Sarkozy in conversation. But as long as not contrary is proved, of the innocence of the IMF chief would be expected. The deputy chairman of the ruling conservative party UMP, Renaud Muselier, spoke of a disaster. "This is a disaster for our country and our image to the outside, for he is the head of the IMF. The tickets to the president shuffles from scratch."