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Riots on Israel's borders: Dozens dead and injured

On Israel's Independence Day to give Palestinians and Israelis fierce battles. In Tel Aviv, a truck sped into a crowd.
Ramallah / Gaza. For some it is the day of the disaster, for others the day of independence: In the Middle East have delivered this Sunday Palestinians and Israelis bloody clashes. For the first time since the 1973 Middle East war broke thousands of civilians from Syria, the heavily guarded border with the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights. Dozens even managed to penetrate into the nearby Druze village Madschd al-Shams. The storming of the border have been killed according to differing estimates up to four people. Several dozen Palestinians were wounded, according to the Israeli army during the clashes and treated in Israeli hospitals.
Also in southern Lebanon ran a lot of barriers the Lebanese army and Palestinians threw stones at Israeli soldiers. The Israelis were firing tear gas grenades and live ammunition at the demonstrators from. Three of them were killed and five others injured, eyewitnesses reported.

In Gaza, Palestinian demonstrators broke through barriers of the prevailing Hamas and penetrated as far to the Israeli checkpoint Eres. In confrontations with Israeli soldiers, according to paramedics about 70 people were injured. Most of them had suffered gunshot wounds, it said. Around 15 were hit by shrapnel.

Even some military barriers in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, there were riots. On Kalandia border crossing near Ramallah Palestinian demonstrators threw stones at soldiers used tear gas against them the amount.

The wave of violence began in the morning when a 22 year old Israeli Arabs rushed in Tel Aviv with a truck in cars and pedestrians. An Israeli was killed, 17 injured. The police investigated whether this was an accident or an attack. Witnesses spoke of a rampage driving.

The central memorial event organized by the Palestinian Authority of President Mahmoud Abbas as Nakba day began at noon in Ramallah. Thousands of people marched from the presidency to the central Manara Square. The sirens wailed in memory of the Palestinian refugees who lost their homes 63 years ago. Participants carried Palestinian flags and black. "There is no alternative to returning home," it said in lettering. Some protesters carried a large wooden keys as a symbol of the desire to return to their lost homes.

Ismail Haniyeh, leader of the radical Islamic Hamas in Gaza, expressed his hope for an "end of the Zionist project in Palestine" from. Haniyeh reiterated during a speech that his organization will not recognize the state of Israel continue.

The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said during the weekly cabinet meeting: "I regret that among the Israeli Arabs and our neighbors are radicals, changing the Israeli Independence Day in a day of the war-mongering and anger."

Palestinians commemorate Nakba day of the (catastrophe) of the flight and expulsion of hundreds of thousands of Arabs from historic Palestine to the Israeli state was founded in 1948. Through social networks Palestinians had called for a new uprising against Israel.

Israel's army, the West Bank was sealed off for fear of attacks by radical Palestinians in the early hours of Sunday. When riots after Friday prayers in Jerusalem, a 16-year-old Palestinians had suffered a gunshot wound, where he died in hospital on Saturday. On Sunday, about 10,000 police officers nationwide were in special operations.