A Bomb was found during the visit of Queen Elizabeth to Ireland

Attended the first British monarch Queen Elizabeth II for 100 years, Ireland. Shortly before their arrival, police found a bomb. The fear of attacks is high.
The British Queen Elizabeth II's visit to Ireland. Just hours before their arrival experts defused near Dublin, a "functional" self-made explosive device. Previously, an anonymous call was received by the police.
The bomb was located in the baggage compartment of a bus in the town of Maynooth and was discovered late Monday, said the army and police. In the early morning hours, a controlled explosion was carried out. The case was currently being investigated further. In Dublin, hundreds of police officers patrolled the morning. Large parts of the city were blocked off. A second bomb threat turned out to be false.

It is the first time since the independence of Ireland from Great Britain that a British monarch entered the neighboring country. Last King George V in 1911 had visited the country. John Major, who as Prime Minister of Great Britain in the 1990s, the peace process with Northern Ireland does in response, said he hoped the visit of the Queen would seal the relationship of both countries.

Ireland's President McAleese May, is on invitation by the Queen to Ireland, called the visit according to the Guardian an "extraordinary moment in history." It was a "phenomenal character" for the success of the peace process.

In Ireland, the visit of the Queen will be accompanied by the largest security operation in the history of the country. According to the BBC news channel up to 4,000 security personnel are deployed. Police fear attacks Irish terrorists, splinter groups of the disbanded IRA (Irish Republican Army), fighting for the independence of Northern Ireland from Great Britain.
Before visiting the terrorist organization Real IRA had threatened with a stop in Central London. The group had said at the weekend, the British Queen was "not allowed on Irish soil."

Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron will accompany the Queen on Wednesday on a portion of their trip, Secretary William Hague during the entire visit there.