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NATO warships sunk in Libyan

NATO has stepped up its attacks against the Libyan military. The alliance had attacked targets including the ports of Tripoli and Sirte. It ships in the Navy Gaddafi had been taken.
In air raids during the night of Friday (05/20/2011), NATO has destroyed eight battleships claims to Libya's Muammar al-Gaddafi. The attacks were directed against the ports of Tripoli, Sirte and Al Chums. All attacking ships were warships.
Due to the increasing activities of the Libyan navy had NATO had no other choice than to take "decisive action" to protect the Libyan civilian population and its own naval forces, said NATO-Admiral Russ Harding. All goals were militarily and directly related to the "systematic attacks by the Gaddafi regime against the Libyan people" connected. Further said that NATO, the Libyan navy had in recent weeks designed numerous mines and increase their bets. This has jeopardized the urgently needed humanitarian aid to the people as well as the NATO troops.

NATO warplanes on Thursday night had begun to fly attacks on targets in Tripoli. Explosions could be heard on Friday morning. The Libyan capital for weeks almost daily target of NATO air attacks. The air strikes were on 19 March begun. End of March, the U.S. had handed over the command of NATO.

New offer from Gaddafi's regime

According to a Libyan government official, only six Libyan vessels were taken, five Coast Guard vessels and a warship. The bombing could be heard clearly at a press conference by government spokesman Ibrahim Mussa. He said at a meeting with a Russian delegation had a messenger service, the Libyan armed forces to withdraw from the cities - if the rebels do likewise. "We are even willing to go so far as to withdraw all troops from the Libyan cities and urban centers," said Ibrahim. "This is a new offer." As part of a peace agreement, NATO needs to stop their airstrikes in return as well. The rebels had rejected previous offers from the government on the grounds not to trust Gaddafi.
Obama: Gaddafi is soft
Barack Obama said in a speech to the revolutions in the Arab world, Gaddafi will not long remain in power. "He has no control over his country. The opposition has made a legitimate and credible transitional council." end decades of provocation and would follow a democracy, if Gaddafi will go or forced out of office, so Obama. Such a development is "inevitable". A representative of the Transitional Council of the Libyan rebels welcomed Obama's remarks.

Obama praised in his speech, the desire for freedom of oppressed peoples in North Africa and the Middle East, which led to the downfall of tyrants and perhaps followed by further falls. The upheavals in the Arab world after the popular uprisings in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Bahrain and other countries showed that repression is no longer working, "Obama said.

Gaddafi women fled?

Gaddafi's spokesman Ibrahim had meanwhile back details of U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, according to Gaddafi's wife and daughter fled the country. Both were in Tripoli. Clinton had told the U.S. television channel CBS, which had two women fled in the past two days to Tunisia. This shows, according to Clinton, the pressure increasing to Gaddafi. The oil minister of the country have settled out.

Gaddafi himself had on Thursday for the first time since the days again shown briefly on state television.