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So dangerous are the EHEC bacteria

In Germany, spreading the life-threatening intestinal germ. Kidney damage is often the result. But what exactly is Ehec? Where does the bacteria, and how one should behave in suspected Ehec? An overview.
More than 200 people are in this country have been infected with the lethal intestinal germ Ehec. Several flew on Monday in critical condition. Health authorities are looking for the source of the seed. According to previous findings consumed raw vegetables are suspected as the cause.
One thing is clear: Those who work with infected food can get sick. The Frankfurter Health Department entered into two canteens of PwC Consulting. Some of the patients being treated in Frankfurt because of the EHEC organism in the hospital worked in this consultation, the public health department Frankfurt on Monday confirmed the DPA.
The EHEC pathogens can cause severe diarrhea. In case of complications it can lead to acute renal failure, anemia and death. Authorities and politicians called on consumers to be cautious.