Bachelorette party for princesses

 We have tested a spa day with pampering for the bride and her friends

How and where exactly is the Civil Kate Middleton celebrated her bachelorette party, we do not know. But certainly among her best friends. As wedding preparations well known, very stressful, nerve-wracking and exhausting to be, it must at the bachelorette party-bye not always, a tanned, muscled stripper à la Chippendales his mood and hangover the next morning. A great alternative for brides who are close to Wedding nervous breakdown: Take a break and with the best friends a great feel-good women-tag einlegen.Das Adlon in Berlin offers a Bachelorette Party special: a private spa suite and Treatments for the bride and five friends: at the same time each with 2 x 30 min massage, 2 x 30 min Facial and 2x 30 min manicure or pedicure. These have film classics have, such as "Pretty Woman", "Sex and the City" or "Notting Hill" run, toast with champagne, Träubchen snack from the fruit basket and sweat after the spa treatments in their own small sauna and jacuzzi splashing, Sandwich and munching chips and diskutieren.Fazit with the girls on the wedding dress of Carry & Co.: Great atmosphere. The rooms of the Adlon Spa are bright, friendly and unobtrusive, it smells like vanilla. Thus, a separate spa suite is pure luxury. And the girls were delighted with the treatments: relaxing back, clear skin and finally nice again sharpened nails. After the sandwich snack or "Sex and the City" was seen in the jacuzzi and then sweated off in the sauna.