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Paris: the policeman was stabbed to Barbès attacked by the crowd

A police anti-crime brigade of the Paris metro was stabbed and wounded Sunday around 22 h 30 Boulevard Barbès in the eighteenth arrondissement, while attempting to call a thief. According to preliminary investigation, the officer on duty, was stabbed three times, receiving two blows to the abdomen and one in the posterior.
The officer was transported in serious condition in hospital Lariboisière in the tenth, where he underwent surgery. His prognosis is more involved. "Nobody knows yet whether it will maintain the legacy," says Fabien Vanhemelryck, union Alliance.

"This policeman, aged thirty years, was attacked as he intervened after a purse-snatching in the metro Barbès, said Sunday night Stephen Pelliccia, deputy regional secretary for the union UNSA police. His attackers did not hesitate to stab him in the abdomen while standing on the street, chasing the thief. "

The thief called the crowd to the rescue

The police rail networks operated in civilian clothes when he attended the snatching. He pursued the thief, both men tumbling to speeding up the stairs to the Skytrain. At the height of the Quick restaurant, 150 yards away when he was arrested, the thief harangue the crowd to the rescue. "From the evidence we have, yes, he stirred up the population, took part in a police officer in front of everyone, and a Sunday night at Barbes, in front of a fast food restaurant, there were quite a few world, "recounts yet Fabien Vanhemelryck. "Our colleague wanted anyway challenge the individual, and there he did not let him and gave him three strokes of the knife." The Paris police prefecture confirms that the officer's side as the victim of theft have been caught in the melee.

The theft victim was also wounded with a knife and transported to the hospital Lariboisière.

Police officers that operate by three plainclothes

Why did the police officer he launched only after the thief? According to Fabien Vanhemelryck, these officers BAC-rail network operate by three plainclothes but separate to remain discreet. "They are in constant radio, sometimes visually, with their colleagues." Theft, assault and stroke occurred in a few minutes.

Sunday evening, a large police presence was quickly deployed to secure the scene of the assault. Investigators from the 2nd DPJ charge of investigations have begun to watch video recordings of the metro to try to identify the various protagonists of this double stabbing.


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